My Photobook ♡

So I mentioned recently how I wasn’t inspired to take any photos of anything lately, and if you know me, you know this isn’t like me at all. My camera and I are inseperable. 

On a whim, I decided to print some of my old photos out; a task I have been putting off for a long time and whilst looking online for the best place to do this I came across Saal Digital who not only do photo books, but calendars, posters, the works. You name it they have it.

I’m glad I went for them in the end and I would reccomend them for sure. The customer service is excellent. Someone from their team got in touch with me immediately after I emailed them with a few questions. Then again a couple of days later to make sure I was getting on okay with the photobook and asking if I needed further support.

The process of actually putting together the photobook was simple and took me less than three minutes. You can add text and choose different layouts to tell a story (great for wedding and anniversary gifts) but I decided to keep mine simple. The book itself arrived within 2 days from ordering it which was a lot quicker than expected. It has a glossy finish and the quality is quite amazing. All in all, really impressed and inspired to pick up my camera again, not gonna lie 😂



  1. Your cat is love 😊 … Do you receive cuddles from the lovely everyday?

    (You know that you can attract a lot of Nazar if you reply in the affirmative 😏)

      1. That’s saddening actually to have a cat who doesn’t love you tbh (REALLY SAD 😫😫😫) but at least you didn’t contact the Nazar.

        Why will be my question to you tho.

      2. Haha good one.

        Now I don’t have the same enthusiasm to put nazar on you so good day to you Madam.

        That’s cute that she does mashaAllah. Lucky you.

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