Train of Thought Thursday

I have 10 minutes to kill before getting ready for work so here goes nothing;

-I envy everyone who is going to sleep right now. I need more sleep…

-I was working with 4 year olds yesterday. And there was this little girl running and crying frantically after this boy. I thought he took something from her or hit her. But no no, she was screaming, “Hassan hold my haaaaand.” I have never laughed so much in my life. She was sobbing because he was running around the yard without holding her hand and she wanted him to. My colleague pulled her to one side and said, “Hannah we don’t need boys to hold our hand.”  She was adamant she needed him though. A few mins later, typical boy, he came sighed, grabbed her hand and took her away from us. She didn’t stop smiling the whole afternoon.

-As a general rule, I don’t talk in the morning. I have been that way since forever. It’s because my guard is down when I wake up and I tend to do a lot of bak bak (say too much) so if you wanna know what I really think of you, ask me when I wake up (don’t though yeah?) Also though, if you cross me in the morning, I won’t hesitate to bite your head off. So this is me showing you kindness really. Mum says it’s rude, I say it’s necessary.

-I’ve been having to have a lot of serious talks with my sister so my parents don’t have to be the bad guy. It does my head in sometimes. I just want to be the cool sister who you can tell anything to but nooo.

-Exams used to give me panic attacks but there is no feeling compared to walking out of that hall knowing you did ok. I miss it in a way and I wasn’t even a great student.

-I wish I had more time to write. Sometimes I think of taking the day off work, but set off at the same time so my family still think I’m at work and just go somewhere and write all day. Alas, my guilty conscience won’t let me.

-Maths actually disturbs me. It gives me anxiety.

-Social norms are interesting in the Asian world. I happened to mention I was turning 30 this year and my friend went, “Tam, 33 that’s you’re final deadline. I can’t see you like this anymore.” This ofcourse meaning unmarried. Her heart is actually in the right place.

-I haven’t had a 99 from the ice cream van in a long, long time. Of course 99’s now cost like Β£1.20 so that’s probably why.

-I often wonder how I wrote an entire book without driving myself insane. I know people do it all the time. But the fact that I actually finished it…

-The most exciting thing I did last year is take a DNA  Ancestry test. Must top that this year.

-Sometimes, just sometimes I think to hell with it. Let me just tell everyone my real name.

-And on that note…



  1. Random comment for the ending. Does she really think if her nickname is Tam and she’s a Muslim no one would be able to guess her name?

    It probably starts with an F. (Fingers crossed)

      1. Here? I’m sure you wouldn’t like it but you can ofc delete it like immediately if I’m right πŸ˜‚.

        I’ll bet on Fatima.

      2. Delete it? It’s not that deep Bilal. I’m hardly going to confirm or deny though, come on. Just curious as to how you got to that conclusion that’s why I asked lol.

      3. Right so 4 years of anonymity comes to an end because of Bilal? Yeah no. P.s. betting is also haram. Astagz x2 πŸ™‚

      4. Lol okay. Even all my students know about my blog but that’s alright anonymity is your right. But can you just tinsy tell if I’m right with name haha?

      5. Lol alright. It’s not like I would be able to see you on Google Street View by knowing that. πŸ˜‚

      6. I teach Under-grads​ at a school totally πŸ˜‚. Some students in my own Batch are even older than me πŸ˜‚.

        I’m an ACCA – just saying πŸ˜….

      7. 21 yup. I did things earlier than normal. All my age-fellows are still in Universities sadly.

      8. Btw I feel so Great that a random person just from my words will deduce that I’m a Mosque teacher 😊.

      9. Why don’t you try going for a university lecturer or something on those terms? It’s a lot more fun than being with pesky kids.

        Students over teenage provide quite an audience and you’ll definitely enjoy it a lot.

      10. Anyone would, it’s so much fun. You get so much stuff to learn from students In that age group. You can expect some great conversations to emerge from that relationship too.

  2. How can you teach something which gives you anxiety?

    I love management accounting and I love teaching it too 😊

      1. I’m trying to fill in the whole picture, you teach at a school and if you’re dealing with 4th graders​ then it can be a primary school till grade 5 since otherwise 4th graders won’t be able to run about holding girls hands hmm. So can be a helper to not teach one subject but you must be quite experienced to be a helper so I don’t know maybe you like more subjects other than mathematics and you take different subjects for different classes.

      2. It barely took seconds haha. I was going through as I was typing but you being flattered is acceptable too.

  3. That means you should be talked with in the morning since people can get to hear a lot of what’s inside of you rather than what you want the world to hear.

  4. Poor grooming of the little girl will probably lead her to a very troubled state. I pray it doesn’t happen though.

      1. I should have Googled haha but who cares I wanted you to explain it. I don’t care otherwise πŸ˜‚.

  5. Hahahaha XD that story about Hassan and Hannah was really funny!
    Eeeekh I’m not fond of Math either, sis!
    haha I knew kay 33 or 30 and I can’t see you like this would be about marriage. πŸ˜›
    Ohhhh TAM TAM TAM FEEEL PROUD! You are so cool, like I seriously loved your book! ❀
    DNA Ancestry test! Did you get the results? My friend wants to do it so bad.But we can't do it here. :/

    1. Aww bless ya you are so sweet! Yeah I did get the results. I paid an arm, a leg and a few toes πŸ˜‚ my dad says give me the money I’ll tell you the family history. He was not impressed.

    2. I spam’d your other comment by accident 😭 but I was saying oooh your yemeni chinese friend really should get DNA test done. So worth it.

  6. If anyone is giving you a hard time about getting married tell them to stfu. After being married for two years, I’m not necessarily against marriage but I am one to warn people to take their time in choosing a partner to share their life with. It’s a huge decision and I think that is downplayed too much by society

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