Thoughtful Tuesday

-I dunno how the recent time change is affecting everyone but I bloody hate it. I constantly look at the clock and think; where did the time go? Also, I’m not getting enough sleep anymore. And yes I’m aware it’s only been 2 days.

*Remembers she was supposed to start with a positive thought- oops.*

-It’s interesting how people react when you say you’re thinking of buying a house. Very skewed I must say. I think one person told me they were happy for me.

-Expressing affection is taboo in my family. We show we care in different ways. But the most affectionate thing we’ll say is, “take care.” It’s not a bad thing per se. I dunno…it makes other people think you’re cold though sometimes.

-I thought I grew out of having ketchup with everything. Apprently not. This is like sinful in my culture. Baaaad little Indian girl.

-A child hi-fived me today and said, “Wow Miss, you’re not just short. Your hands are tiny.” 

-I haven’t sat in the staffroom for lunch in 4 years. I sit alone in my car. Every single day. It sounds morbid. But I like it. Just me and my (dirty af) car with something playing in the background and me acting like I am in a depressing music video. Bants.

-I bumped into someone on Saturday that I had a really bad equation with in college, so 11 years ago, and I swear if looks could kill…. How do people do that? Don’t get me wrong I bear grudges too but Gawd.

-My colleagues were ripping into this young guy who started working with us lately. I felt bad so I started highlighting some of his strengths. My (not so) hilarious friend decides to tell everyone I have a thing for toyboys. Which I don’t but no one wants to listen at this point. In walks the toyboy, and someone fills him in (not so) subtly on what was being discussed. I have never exited a room faster.

-The toyboy rumour was started by my mother if you’re interested. Yes, my 53 year old Asian mother a) knows what a toyboy is and b) actually thinks I have a thing for them.

-If I’m in a car for a long time, I refuse to drink anything lest I need the bathroom. I’m worse than kids. If I have to go, I have to go.

-I came across a really good quote the other day, “What’s not for you is being removed from you right now. Trust the process.”

-Lunch is over so I suppose I should go teach incorrect maths now. Sigh.



  1. Ok so I read it all and now I’m only going to comment on those which I can recall from my memory (of past seconds lol) so you can analyse what really did move me.

    -The kid was so mean to say that, did you slap him after that? Like seriously – that’s bad manners straight up.

    -Your mother should not be thinking like that and your friends – eek are they really your friends?

    -4 years lunch in car is not normal – believe me it’s not. Yes you can justify what you did justify with but it’s different and you thought​ it’s okay to post so let me tell you that you posted because you’re mortified with that fact … (In brotherly advice mode) Try to change that fact please. I know that I don’t know your circumstances but you’re a Fellow Teacher (Yay!) So I think it could be worked.

    -Its not even related to this post. You have 500+ followers and no one commented on this really thoughtful and somewhat depressing aspects or at least not so positive facts about your daily life. I mean I couldn’t let it go without commenting but the others are just liking and not even bothering to read. If there was an option then you could possibly facepalm everyone who follows you but doesn’t read or cares about what you write. (I should stop – yup).

    – Seriously how short you are? In feet and inches if you can … Like it’s in all in your posts and I’m concerned now.

    -Did I mention lunch in car for 4 years (I did i know) but I’m going to mention it again anyway – it’s not okay (sorry for judging you but I think I care for it not being right tbh)

    – Do your students love you? – They do probably since you’re so humourous everyone loves such awesome teachers. (Fun fact – or maybe leave it – I was about to tell what my students say about me but I think this is an inappropriate place to tell that haha)

    – I know this is public but seriously I can guarantee none of 500+ followers care about me sending this long as ever comment.

    (I thought my take care shows caring but oh well)

    1. I’m trying to recall and respond to each point too now, I’m polite like that.
      -So as a fellow teacher you know I’d get the sack if I slapped him? Not that I ever would!
      -My mother and I have a relationship that would make you cringe in that case lol endless (inappropriate) bants. I wouldn’t have it any other way if I’m being honest.
      -I mean, coz I’m alone? That’s like saying itikaaf is not normal. Who’s to say what’s normal and what’s not? I think it’s abnormal to stay cooped up in one room for an hour bitching about each other. Staffroom politics I’m sure you know.
      -Nah, I’ve made good friends on here. We communicate more off blog actually now I think of it. Plus everyone’s busy you can’t make people follow you actively right?
      -I’m gonna keep the height thing to myself. If you were really observant you’d know though, I do mention it a lot as you say lol. I mean the concern won’t make me grow so save that energy bruv πŸ˜‚
      -Yes my kids love me, like bare.
      -No tell me what your kids say? If you’re concerned about being inapproproate my blog really is not the right place to hang out Bilal lol.
      -You never know. Someone might care when they read it.

      1. Apologies if I offended you by anything that I said, if you did take it as that then it was sincerely not my intention to make it so. Thank you.

        – Yeah if he was your student lol. What grade do you teach?

        – I would not want you to gossip about your mother so I will stop at that. But if you would like to just get it off your chest and ease the bants then you know whose ears are eager to listen.

        – Itikaaf is a 9 – 10 day thing that happens out of a religious motive. It’s not cool to be alone either, I’m not offending you rather saying it’s not good to be alone. Yes that I understand – staff rooms are full of aunties and uncles discussing things which do not matter and will hurt others for no reason. I avoid taking part and no one forces me to join – Yay!

        – Yes that’s true you can’t. I was talking about the friends who made such presumption about you tho lol.

        – Lol I don’t know exact number and you have still not in my Blog Stalk list for me to be going all in with that – it’s on the way though but it will be better if you’d help me with that πŸ˜‚.

        – Yes they love me too. They say that I’m really polite, humble and humourous (no idea if that is a compliment or not πŸ˜‚).

        – Nah I like lively blogs like these – they keep me interested in WordPress and reading a whole lot of real humans telling about their lives.

        – Yes true or some might like this post even if there is nothing to like in it since its you ranting about very serious stuff.

      2. Nah, takes a lot to offend me lol I haven’t made it to the blog stalk list? Man, here I was getting all flattered. Anyway, must dash, have some incorrect maths to teach in like 40mins and it won’t teach its self. Sigh.

      3. I hope that was sarcasm. Oh okay. (Don’t say take care she hates it – right).

        Best of time for that. However you do need to respond to my comment after you get free – eek just saying.

      4. Hmm, just a couple of points; my followers aren’t bad yano. I like ’em. Also, you get to a certain age being alone is actually healthy. You prefer your own company to others’. Call me when you’re 30 Bilal. You’ll have changed your mind I’m sure.

      5. Hmm lol yeah I can see that πŸ˜‚.

        I’m actually at that age when I prefer being alone rather than with bad company so I know but okay I will leave you with enjoying lunch in your car.

        Yeah I love my company too much too. Keeps me smiling all the time 😊.

      1. As a child I loved ketchup and lettuce sandwiches, but then, I was a disturbingly odd child. Glad my parents sent me to boarding madasah because getting the beats there on the regualr sorted me out quick.

  2. lol.I thought ‘ toyboy’ is a kind of toy! but then a toy doesn’t fit in the context you mentioned , so I googled the term and now lmao! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  3. I totally envy your being bicultural, it seems so pimp.

    Also that you don;t play down your Indo side….I know some Arab-Pak/Indo couples who unwittingly play down the Asian side of their fam…and the grown kids hate all things Pak-Indo….

    But Yemenis represent…most chill Arabs I’ve ever met

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