Another award? Me?

I wanted to sit at my laptop and do these properly but I have time to kill right now so I shall be answering some Q’s from the lovely Zoya who I wanna thank for saving me from 10 minutes alone with my thoughts in my car. If the post’s a mess it’s coz I did it on my phone.

1. How long have you been blogging and what motivated you to begin? – Like 4 years. I’ve always said I blogged to write more and share my photos. Honestly though, I think I was looking for somewhere to bitch about the people that annoy me.

2. Who is your favourite character (book or movie) and why? – Snape you know. Always. Because I love the way he loved. Even though it was all wrong.

3. What annoys you more than anything? – People and their assumptions.

4. What would you ask for if the answer was ‘Yes’? To go to India.

5. If you could invite anyone to dinner (dead or alive), which 2 people would you invite and why? Maybe Mindy Kaling and Asha Lul (YouTuber). I need some laughs.

6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? Happy cat lady with a house.

7. What’s your happiest memory? Maybe when my sister was born.

8. Which protagonist/villain do you see yourself in? Snape.

9. What would you be working as if you weren’t a blogger/writer or working in your current job/career? I dunno,  a photojournalist?

10. What are your 3 favourite foods? – I eat everything. I don’t discriminate like that. Maybe not sea food actually.

11. If you had one day completely by yourself, how would you fill your time? – It wouldn’t be anything exciting and definitely nothing productive. I’d take my camera and go for a walk. Then drive to my happy place and have a hot chocolate and just watch the world go by. Then go home. I’d probably stay in, order a ton of food. I’d watch Dhobi Ghat, Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and end the day with anything SRK whilst having a long conversation on text with someone and then sleep. 



  1. To all the answers you gave I was like No – a fat No – seriously? – plain no – what? – whaaaaaaat? – oh cute – snape again? – a what? – foodie with no favourite? – hot chocolate yum 😊 …

    You can mind if you want to but we’re so different and there’s nothing to mind in that tbh.

    1. Couple of things; Snape always. Yes a foodie with no favourite. I love all food equally. We’re not that different. We agree on hot chocolate apparently.

      1. ONLY on Hot Chocolate apparently 😂. I’m quite picky when it comes to food (I’m thin – that’s why) – I’m like eat to live not live to eat basically 😊.

      2. So I gather. Picky people live less just saying. I dunno how old you are but be careful inneh with all this picky malark.

      3. My elder sisters say my wife would change that – and i Hope the same. Sometimes its annoying as to how limited my choice for food is. I’m a teenager almost (Twetee-o-ne – see the teen)

      4. Lol, see I was bang on. I knew you’d be this young picky human type. Well the warning stands. Your sisters sound like my kindda people ngl.

      5. I’m only like this in food though – I’m quite accepting when it comes to humans though so I become anyone’s personal counsellor in a few meetings and It feels great to be a helper i guess.

      6. JazakaAllah. I’m a lecturer by profession so that skill is really helpful and got honed too because of the number of problems students have on a daily basis which need solving.

      7. Whaaaaaaat? Picky people live less … You know interestingly since you are a YouTube fan I’d suggest watching a small documentary it’s called Something something without food for several days.

      8. It shows how much the chances of you contracting any disease or illness is reduced by eating less than more.

      1. Aww you’re sweet! We defo would have a good time. Films, food and bants. When I buy a house inshallah I’ll have a blog party and call you all 😂

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