You know you’ve failed to…

…give out an “I’m a fully functioning adult” vibe when;

-People start their invites to you by saying, “I know you don’t do gatherings but…” I do actually feel bad this person felt they had to lead with that. Ah, the antisocial cow that is Tam strikes again… what are we gonna do about her?

-Your mum literally has to say, “Tam you’re trying to buy a house. Stop going to Starbucks everyday.” Disclaimer; I don’t actually go to Starbucks everyday. I am however going to a house viewing in like an hour. Wish me luck.

-People buy you hot chocolate rather than you know,”grown up” beverages.

-When your presumptious brother just sits in the driver’s seat despite you saying “no you cannot drive,” but he knows there is literally 0 fight in you. Sigh.

-Your mother opens your mail because you leave it unopened for weeks because denial is therapy.

-People are shocked you drove to a certain location because they are now oh so familiar with your “irrational” fear of driving to places you don’t know.

-Your mother STILL buys you clothes at 30 because she knows how much you hate shopping.

-People say things to you like, “I was going to call you to give you a headsup but as we all know Tam never answers the phone so …”

-When you’re emptying the dishwasher and your Pops decides to say, “Tam are you sure? Just let me. You can’t reach anything so you’ll put it all in the wrong place.”

-Actually you know you’ve failed to give out an “I’m a fully functioning adult” vibe when your mum is so heavily involved in your life at 30 God bless her πŸ˜‚…



  1. Hmm awkward moment when you feel like oh Yes I can totally call her a Baji but then I’m like would it not count as something negative too naw?

    It’s alright we are all going through this phase of fitting in but we’re not because this world is a wretched place and it will not accept good people like us ever so don’t worry you’re in safe hands.

    And you have lived through all that by your own right so you’ll pass this phase successfully too and won’t have to worry about a single soul ever.

    1. D’ya know, you might be my new favourite person on here not gonna lie πŸ˜‚… this world is indeed as you say a wretched place. God help us all.

      1. Haha thank you for that compliment – I hope it’s a compliment though πŸ˜‚.

        I am chased out of my home because there was a dengue spray at our house and now it’s not ours for 2 hours.

        Are these aftereffects of these ridiculous comments or someone eyed their nazar on me? I’ll never know. All i know is that mosque people are sure going to consider me homeless for two hours. πŸ˜‚

      2. Nazar for sure. It’s always bloody nazar. I mean, I’m going to view this house now. If I don’t like it, I’ll tell them Bilal is looking lol.

      3. Nazar diaries. Done – I hope you like it – I don’t want to redo my setup in a new house.

      4. Woah I was thinking the same – it could be a Series made up of episodes – because who can’t tell a rant about their lives without mentioning Nazar as the main culprit in getting their dreams destroyed.

      5. We should copyright this idea right now. We came up with it. People can contribute. I am very excited about it. Also, the house is yours if you want it. I put it a good word for you. You’re very welcome.

      6. Yes definitely other people will contribute because I certainly can’t contribute on that subject but I know a lot of people who do.

        No thank you, I’m good with my setup at my current house.

        Btw I’m starting a video series (more like Naseeha type me talking into camera type – the gear is ready) soon after my sister’s wedding inshaAllah.
        Need prayers for that.

    1. But are you 30 inky 😭 I’m failing at life man. Big time πŸ˜‚ That’s all I’ll ever drink outside. A guy called me out on it once. Are you a grown up he asked. Safe to say we never spoke again πŸ˜’

      1. Haha no I am not. XD It’s okay, really I am failing tooo.I don’t know what I am doing and what I have done and what needs to be done.Even though I’m doing so much I feel there is still so much left to be done. </3 So many things that need 'fixing'.
        Hahaha XD that is none of his business.
        If it makes you feel better my father said I grow little everyday. XD

      2. Could be worse lovely. Could be viewing a house you cannot afford? πŸ˜‚ We’ll do it inks. Whatever needs doing we will get there God help us.

      3. Haha I’m not judging you over by assuming that **************** person to be on your wish list.

        (Ps; don’t count the astericks I just put them randomly)

      4. (while reading – heavy judging – don’t judge people Bilal – ok I’ll try to stop)

        Yes there are none actually that would be in my approval same goes for guys wanting girls …

        (Safe tip Bilal – please don’t go to Hoor ul ain section – please don’t – okay *sighs*).

      5. Oh that’s good.

        (Please don’t die auntie like seriously – otherwise reports would go out like Bilal killed a person mercilessly through laughter – it would certainly turn some heads true but would hang mine)

      6. Thank you mada’me.

        (I sincerely hope she can pronounce it right)

        Btw I use parentheses for what’s going in my mind.

        (you don’t know this alright?)

  2. Good luck for your house hunting I think it is a good decision ! I just had my 3rd hot chocolate of the day since they replaced the old coffee machine at work and new one sucks ! and Moms will be Moms even when we are fifty lol. they will still think we are kids. My mom also every time I call her says the same, Save your money to buy the house πŸ˜€ and I every time tell her it is not enough to buy the house so lemme spend πŸ˜‰

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