Salt bae and other shit I’ve thought about lately

Salt bae because I was in the waiting room of my GP surgery with like 30 minutes to kill. So naturally, I started to think about salt bae. Maybe because I subconciously want to kill him. It infuriates me when people become famous for daft shit. But I suppose good on him. Successful businesses and he is apparently, despite being wasteful with salt, a nice guy.

Random, but when Inside out came out, I got messages all week long from people telling me that the character of  Sadness reminded them of me; “she talks like you, she even looks like you Tam!” I can confirm that I do indeed look like sadness. I mean I don’t wear glasses anymore and my hair’s longer but the rest of it is uncanny. Naturally, when I watched it, she was my favourite character and miserable though she was, she sort of saved the day.

The opticians want to charge me £50 for a check up. Like. Why? I’ve got half a mind to cancel my appointment now. Honestly, sometimes I think getting laser eye surgery was the stupidest decision I ever made. 

My allergies to people are getting out of hand. I have so much to say to some but it all falls under the category of inappropriate social conduct. I’ll say it here where they can’t see but at least it will get it off my chest; “take your weird non friendship and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine and do let the door hit you on your way out. And I am sorry I gave you the time of the day and please tell me how I can get rid of you now.”

Do I buy a house or do I travel my ass off? Assuming I have the balls to quit my job that is.

The best person to talk to (for me) will always be a stranger and yet, we really shouldn’t talk to strangers. 

My teenage sister has a crush. Talk to her mum said. Be gentle she said. Your brother will kill whoever she likes she said. “Look babe, just like him from a distance, yeah?” I said. Read: don’t hold his hand, don’t be alone in a room with him and don’t believe a word he says.

“Tam… I like your eyes, they sparkle and shit,” is probably the best compliment I have ever gotten. What does that say about the people I surround myself with?

When will I deactivate all social media accounts? Because it is crucial that I do.

I miss msn. Anyone remember msn? I feel like everyone I know these days was born before the Lion King came out.

My intense dislike of talking on the phone continues. My friend rang me this morning and I bit her head off for giving me anxiety before I even started the day.

Must plan something to do for Easter. Two weeks of emptiness is not what I need right now.

If I am angry or just spaced out on chat, I tend to use a lot of full stops. Apparently. Only two people I know have picked up on this and now I can never lie and say I am fine. They clock it straight away.

I applied for a job a few years ago now in a school back in the motherland. I got it. Then a month before I was due to start the school got bombed basically. Or parts of it did. I never know what to make of this.



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