Saturday’s thought catalogue

I dreamt that I fell off a bridge last night. But naturally, and in keeping with reality, no one came to save me.

I’m starting to notice that working where I do means that I now hate the phrase “Good Morning” I say it that.many.friggin.times. Like even in the afternoon I say Good Morning.

Sleepovers at my Grandmother’s are a hillarious affair. (Halal) Haribos and Karan Arjun in the backround. Me perving over SRK and her not discouraging this behaviour… #NaniGoals.

I need to invest in some thermal socks or some shit. My feet are giving out on me slowly but surely. 

For someone who loves to stay silent, I’m actually a conversation junkie. Like, I need an intervention. Seriously.

Tiger Shroff annoys me. A lot. Too feminine for words. He’s more feminine than the girl’s he is trying to score with.

My love for Amplifier (the song) has reignited. I will never forget when I put it on and my aunty said that being in my car at that moment was the same as sitting next to a 16 year old Pakistani cruising on Eid.

I think the room I slept in last night was haunted. I was woken up at 3:00am by some very strange noises. You know when fear just immobilises you? That happened. I did think about texting someone. The 1st person I thought of though doesn’t even live in the country. Let alone the same house. The mind works in mysterious ways.

Sitting in a dark room during the day is like therapy for me. I know it depresses some people to be in the dark (my mother!) but me, I find it so soothing.

There’s a chapter in the book I am currently reading called; I only want you when it is 2am. And it’s kind of perfect.

I miss writing essays. I always enjoyed it. Well, until that time my lecturer told me I was an emotional writer and that it was a negative thing. Git.

I wonder if I will ever take my medicines like I’m supposed to and not just tell my doctor I took them like he can’t tell from my blood test results.

Why are chairs so high these days? My feet don’t touch the floor on 9/10 of the chairs I sit on.

I will never get over the fact that I am the only young person in my family that doesn’t need subtitles when we watch a Bollywood film.

I wonder if I will ever go to India. 

I need someone to take me for a drive. Like now. A long one. At sunset. Where they can drive and I could just close my eyes and feel.

Going to the cinema is EFFORT these days. I must be getting old you know. I used to love going back in the day.

And on that note. I should probably get out of bed. Though my head is pounding and my throat’s on fire.




  1. How is being an emotional writer a bad thing? And why, as a professor who has so much influence, would you say that to a student? Sounds like a right douchebag πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

    1. I was writing about victims of domestic violence and he was like it’s a good essay but you were too emotional. Like bruv. How can I not be?!

    1. Thank ya. Lol I wish you didn’t ask. It’s a book someone got me for my birthday as a joke. It’s called “Single AF” it’s actually an interesting read πŸ˜‚

  2. How i agree – going to cinema is really an EFFORT these days…
    and the SRK love was cool, i have started liking him after watching Raees…
    uff how true about Tiger Shiroffe, nuts man drives me fricking nuts…
    Like really taking medications is really hard i can relate tooo….its normal for girls seems sooo…

  3. SRK was πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ in Raees though the songs and storyline were average.I think i saw only one movie of tiger shroff ..he is too delicate πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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