Insomniatic Rambles – Je suis malade…

…a song that depicts my emotional state of mind perfectly right now. That performance in particular, from 3:05 onwards especially. I have no words. Which is more than I can say for the idiot I showed this to who decided to go; “but… why is she shouting though?”

…which brings me to ramble number two. The bigger the age gap the less in common you seem to have with people these days. Not always but I notice it a lot more than I used to.

Am I ever gonna read the “Single AF” book I got for my birthday… because it looks like it could be interesting…

Social media – when’s the right time to just cease all activity? Because that time will definitely come for me. The question is when?

Will my struggles to sleep ever just piss off? It is 1:00am right now… seriously.

Will I always have the same job? 

Will I always be irritable?

Are those my eyelids surrendering to slee…


One comment

  1. Social media ceasing tends to happen gradually. It’s always better to not force it lol. And ugh, insomnia is the worst. I have a lack of sleep induced headache right now…But apparently being tired doesn’t guarantee sleep.

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