5 whatsapp quirks

…that will really make you hate me if I am on your contact list. I am someone who hates talking on the phone. I’m not sure why. I feel awkward so… I rely heavily on instant messaging and voice notes much to the annoyance of my friends. This makes me a whatsapp addict. However, tam wouldn’t be tam without a few quirks here and there now would she? Aight so here goes;

1. I don’t open the videos you send me. I’m sorry, I really am. But I can’t tolerate loading them, opening them then wondering the relevance of why you sent them to me specifically. So unless you attach a message saying; “tam remember that thing we were talking about? Here’s what I meant” or something to that effect, I am unlikely to open them.

2. Which brings me to my next quirk; I can’t deal with forwards. So, if you forward me a chain message, I do not read it. ESPECAILLY the ones that start with “Very Important!!!!” because it almost never is.

3. If you send me a photo of a frog on a lilypad bidding me Good Morning and a photo of a puppy wishing me Good Night… what is your life please? And why are you flooding my storage? 

4. Don’t add me to groups I beg you. I will either a) leave them or b) mute them. I can only function one to one.

5. If you see my message but don’t reply within 48 hours, I may or may not blacklist you for a few days. There I said it. 



  1. rofl.. You summed it up all nicely, I am doing the same! I also get the FORWARD TO 10 PEOPLE to make your wish true, and SEND IT BACK TO ME IF YOU THINK I AM CLOSE FRIEND OF YOURS !! and more of such crap πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ lol

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