Things the voice in my head said today

– I wonder if people skip my snaps as frequently as I skip theirs?

– When will this writer’s block piss off? I need to write.

– To be fair, I only skip snaps of people talking coz I’m at work and I shouldn’t be on my phone. Also, of people flooding their story with photos of their kids and I know that makes me sound like the world’s biggest git but…

– It’s not that I don’t like productivity, productivity doesn’t like me.

– She is offending you but laugh anyway. Oh hahaha! Lol… that is hilarious person I hardly ever speak to. There, she’s gone now. Good.

– Should I clean my filthy room? Or should I watch another episode of Mind your Language?

– What even is on my timetable for tomorrow?

– Have I prayed Ish’aa yet?

– Am I a horrible sister? Or are my siblings basically little gits?

– You really should stop doing interview with self posts. They are ridiculous.

– Kindda like them though.

– No, Tam.

– You own 2 kindles and you read on your phone because you cannot be bothered to charge the Kindles. Justify that.

– I spend half my life de-cluttering so why is this room full of clutter?

– Why have I bought not one, not two, but THREE Turkish novels when I can’t even read it fluently? C.L.U.T.T.E.R.

– Do I have to go to work tomorrow?



  1. lazy bums! Clean up your room πŸ˜€ you have got two kindles ?? I dont even have one yet! Recently I watched 2 seasons of Turkish Series Magnificent Century and I found so many turkish words that are used in Hindi/Urdu , learnt some new words, will keep them for visit to Tukey πŸ˜€ Keep writing Tam , dont let the writer’s block really block you πŸ™‚

    1. I do have 2 kindles. I bought the old one and then the new one came out like 3 months later. So annoying 😐 mind you I dont think the old one works anymore. I am so blocked man. It’s unreal..have you seen my content lately? Shite!!!!

      1. I still like your posts and wait for them What ever you write you still maintain that fun thing in them be it those self interviews 😘😘..may be you are stressed out about something ..that’s more likely causing the block so long..

  2. I try not to bring stress of my job to home..leave everything to office πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ cooking helps me to can give it a try too ..yesterday i made gulab jamuns 😜

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