Therapy time guys

I’m having the worst time abroad right now because some of the locals are being real horrid humans and I find myself in desperate need of some therapy so here goes nothing;

1. What are your thoughts on abortion? I don’t agree with it overall.

2. Do you follow politics? If not, why? Hate politics. Because negative, annoying and too complex for my simple brain.

3. How old were you when you really realized what “life isn’t fair” meant? 13.

4. Why did you do the things you regret the most? Because they made me happy at the time.

5. That one person that hurt you the most, what would you say to them if you could? How’s life?

6. When you imagine your life 10 years from now what do you see? Hopefully a happy and content me.

7. What’s your favorite color and why? Purple. It’s a pretty colour.

8. What would make school ideal for you? Not having to go.

9. What makes your favorite band your favorite band? When I liked the backstreet boys it was because of Nick Carter’s hair.

10. Could a self-less deed ever be truly self-less if you’re happy about it? All selfless deeds are essentially selfish.

11. Why did you begin dating your last ex? My last ex was a fictional character. I dated him coz he was buff.

12. What makes relationships hard for you? Keeping up.

13. What makes relationships easy for you?  Conversation & kindness.

14. Describe your perception of “love?” Being comfortable in someone’s presence I guess.

15. Which one of your senses could you not live without? Why is this question everywhere? 

16. Would you give up your other senses to keep this one? Never.

17. One of your superficial obsessions? Youtube?

18. What’s the thing you spend most your time looking at in the mirror? My blemishes?

19. Do you have a morning routine? What is it? Make it through the morning without biting someone’s head off.

20. Tell me a secret only using the first letters of each word: s p p m o b t.

21.  What are the last things you would do if you only had 24 hours alive? Visit everyone I love and pray.

22.  You’re on a desert island what are the three things you must have and one person you wouldn’t mind being there? Water, food and a camera to document it all and make some money off the footage. I’d like anyone funny with me.

23. What is your life motto and what inspired it? Live and let live. Interfering people have inspired it.

24. What is a band or artist you loved when you were little and would still listen to their music secretly today? Spice Girls?

25. What are the two things that your parents have always pushed more than anything else? Education and for us siblings to get along.

26. What are your thoughts on marriage? It’s real hard work.

27. Have you ever read a book that changed your life? If so what about it struck you so much? Don’t be Sad. Just made me realise that it could always be worse.

28. What was the most life altering dream you’ve ever had? I don’t remember my dreams long enough for them to make an impact.

29. What is one of the best ways to wake up? Naturally without an alarm or having to go to work.

30. Describe the best bed you’ve ever laid on: it was like a cloud engulfing you in a warm hug.

31. Think of five things that you look for in a significant other and rate them with percentages on how important each one is to equal 100%: 40% kindness 20% humour 10% conversation  10% understanding 10% wealth 10% general knowledge 😂

32. What makes you jealous the most? Successful people… it’s not very graceful of me.

33. Last song you heard, what was your favorite line of it? I don’t wanna live forever – “until you come back home…”

34. Think of the person you find most interesting, what would you ask them if you had the balls to? Are you happy now?

35. What about life scares you the most? How fragile it is.

36. What about a guy makes him handsome? Confidence and humour

37. What about a girl makes her beautiful? Kindness.

38. What is the most intelligent thing you’ve ever heard? If you want to know what you’re meant to do in life, keep an eye on the things you distract yourself with when you are supposed to be working.That’s what you’re meant to do.

39. What is the most intelligent thing you’ve ever said?  Whatever it was it probably wasn’t original. I probably stole it from some show.

40. Describe the last cute person you saw? A waiter who was too shy to wait on my table because of the language barrier so he brought a waiter friend along who teased him about it until he blushed.

41. Who is someone (That you’re not related to) that you’ll always love no matter what? My first real friend.

42. Describe the boy/girl you wish you could look like: Um, no one. I like looking like me for the most part. Taller and thinner would be great but…

43. Do you remember your first day of Kindergarten? If so, what was it like? There was lots of tears.

44. What is something you did that was really strange when you were little? I cried on every first day of school for 5 years.

45. What do you think people remember you by? My comedy.

46. What is a question you wish someone would ask you? Is there another level to you beyond the moody exterior?

47. What would you say to that question^^? You have no idea.

48. What would you tell someone who has practiced self mutilation? I’m sorry you are hurting…

49. When was the last time you were flirted with and what did they do? A while.

50. What kind of cancer scares you most? All of it.

51. What happens after you die? Your sould finds peace I hope.

52. What was your hardest decision in life and how was your life affected by it? Quitting university. I survived.

53. Who writes the best love songs? Who would you take to one of their concerts? Ed Sheeran. My sister.

54. Can atheists sin? Yes?

55. What makes people cheat? Emptiness.

56. Is anyone in your life truly trustworthy? No one anywhere is fully trust worthy.

57. What is a song that makes you cry and what line hits you the hardest and why? “She’s 29 and carrying the world on her shoulders.”

58. What is the hardest part of yourself to show someone else? My insecurities.

59. Did you ever tell someone everything? Do you still? If not, why? Because they showed me people are not to be trusted blindly.

60. When you’re at your craziest how do you act? Crazy…



  1. Hii fellow blogger whose life isn’t so good (like mine sorta). </3 :/
    hi-5 for number 2 about politics! Hey I love purple as well! ❤
    Ohh Tam! </3 Every night these days (umm for few nights) I've been really trying to read 'Don't be sad.' but I end up sleeping. 😦
    number 45 is true! 😀 I remember you by comedy and great pics and hmmm weren't you the one who wrote Sinan and Layla? 😉
    Woah really Tam, you quit Uni? Gaaah Uni.

    Hope all gets better for both of us.Plus, you're right that the book reminds us that it could be worse.Shukran for the lovely post.Have a nice day. 🙂

      1. Aww In sha Allah it will get better.
        Did I suprise you with this big comment. XD
        God.I talk alot.Anyway so I wanted to ask you said you were gonna write a story so how is that going?

    1. I had such shitty wifi in Istanbul I never replied fully to this coz it wouldnt post. Anyway, I hope life is going better since we spoke that day lovely! Lol! How can you fall asleep reading Don’t be Sad. That said. Must find my copy. And finally. I quit uni 1st time round. Managed to finish second time round lol.

      1. Alhamdulillah better ish.
        Its because of the tough tiring day I dont get the time to read and only time I really have is before bed.Sadly at that time sleep takes over.
        Ive started to love nights I mean I did previously but now even more, because of sleep.
        Its like escaping reality for a while.

      2. You’re telling me. All I wanna do is sleep. Listen if you need anything lemme know. I’ll find a way of giving you my details etc if you wanna talk. Chin up bebe, light at the end of the tunnel and all that 😘

      3. Meee tooo! Or go to a place where no one knows me and I know no one.
        You are soo sweet Tam! ❤ Jazakillah khair for being so caring! Its just little things that come together as a big mess.I try to be positive but its not always easy. </3
        Always in need of your prayers and keep blogging! Your posts make me laugh or umm smile. 😀

        Yeah and rainbow after the storm and all that as well. :3

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