My attempt at explaining things that I forgot I Googled…

Internet history is a bitch ain’t it.

1. Akshay Kumar – I can’t even… I think I was trying to find out how old he was. My grandmother and I were trying to work out whether he was older than the Khan trio or not. Because we are cool people.

2. Perennial Rhinitis- I don’t even know what it is. I think I was helping a colleague spell it.

3. Firefighter one word or two- because I wasn’t sure ok?

4. Contractions- I meant the ones in grammar. Google decided to throw me an image of a woman writhing in pain… I was viewing it on a projected screen… in a room full of children.

5. Meaningful “Would you rather” questions- becuase I was doing an interview with self post and Google was showing me shitty questions like; would you rather have legs as long as fingers or fingers as long as legs…

6. Escobar- … don’t even ask. I heard his name referenced a lot on a show I was watching so I got curious. Let me save you the search; he’s a columbian drug lord.

7. Morello cherries- had them on pancakes last week and then had a brief moment of panic that they had alcohol in them. I only know regular cherries ok.

8. Work- woke up feeling unwell and wanted to call in sick. Forgot work’s number so instead of typing work into contacts, did it on Google…



  1. “is it convertor or converter” I google this almost everyday and I still forget every time.
    :benadryl cucumberpatch” lmao this is the best thing bamboozle coddswallop’s name is so versatile and every rendering of butter chicken’s name is hilarious af.
    i hope you know what i’m talking about or this is going to be embarrassing for me later.

  2. haha number 4! My google searches seem to be spellings these days. After all these years of seeing incorrect spellings even I’m beginning to question my ability to spell😞😞

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