Day 3 of the New Year and already…

-people are pissing me off.

1. If you could speak to anyone in heaven, who would it be? – My brother probably. He was a still born. He would have been 24 today. I often think about him.

2. What memory do you replay the most in your mind? – Any that involve me laughing.

3. Do you have any recurring dreams? – I often dream that I am being chased. I also dream about snakes a lot and I don’t care what Freud says about that one; it’s not true!

4. At what age did you learn the most about yourself? – Between 16 – 18 I would say.

5. When was the last time you were disappointed in yourself? – I am frequently disappointed in myself. Right now for instance for letting things and people get to me when we are only 3 days into the new year; which was supposed to be a nice fresh start. Grr.

6. Is there someone that you’ll never forgive? – I always forgive eventually. But I never forget.

7. Which time period do you like the best, aesthetically speaking? – Maybe the 60s?

8. In what ways have you grown over the course of your life? – I put myself 1st a lot more than I used to in the past.

9. Do you think your parents are proud of where you are in life? – I’d like to think so. But I know they want me to achieve more.

10. Is there a teacher that you wish you could call up and thank? – I’ve always been vocal with how I feel about my teachers so if they deserved my thanks I gave it to them in abundance.

11. What’s the worst physical pain that you’ve ever suffered through? – I am fortunate in that respect so nothing that I couldn’t handle. Alhamdulilah. Once a month though I am willing to give you a different answer 😒

12. What couple (that you personally know) do you look up to? – Ooh, that would be none. If you pushed me for an answer I’d say my aunt and her husband for being hilarious people.

13. What scent reminds you of your childhood? – The beach.and certain perfumes from the 90s.

14. What don’t you regret that you probably should? – Letting certain people trespass their way into my life. Likewise, gatecrashing to places where I really shouldn’t have been. It was fun and I can’t bring myself to regret it.

15. What’s the most intimate thing a couple could do together? – Just sit and have a deep conversation for hours.

16. Which song lyric has had the biggest impact on you? – “Chahe jo tumhe poore dil se – milta hai voh mushkil se…” probably.

17. What’s the one thing that would really annoy you if it were to come true? – Becoming famous / well known / appreciated AFTER I die. The idea would bother me. What’s the point? I would want to live that, to see that.

18. When do you feel the most attractive? – When I straighten my hair.

19. What’s the nicest thing you’ve ever done for someone else? – I dunno I am a very nice person. My friend was sick once so drove over to her place with a care package; pain killers, tissues, orange juice. Another friend was depressed because of revision so drove over with coffee and donuts.

20. What unanswerable question bothers you the most? – What will I be doing with myself in five years?

21. What do you think the best part of being married is? – Companionship I guess.

22. Have you ever had a premonition that came true? – Yeah, that the temporary job I got was gonna last longer than I intended it to. Fast forward 6 years and I am still there.

23. At what age did you start to consider yourself an adult? – 20 for sure.

24. What is the meanest thing your inner voice tells you? – It tells me that being paranoid is normal before proceeding to provide me with an abundance of material to get paranoid over.

25. Do you consider yourself a spiritual person? – Yeah…

26. What do you think your purpose in life is? – Spread as much kindness as possible and do enough good deeds before you leave the world that that is all people remember about you when you die.

27. Were you ever tempted to cheat on a past partner? – What past partner? 

28. What do you do when you’re feeling lonely? – I go to my bed and watch YouTube videos. Or I write. Or I edit photos. The irony of course being that all those activities are done alone which probably leads to me feeling lonlier.

29. What type of animal would you like to be reincarnated as? – I don’t believe in that but a bird would be nice.

30. Do you believe every life has an equal value? – Yes…

31. Do you daydream more about the future or your past? – Probably the past. The future is such a big question mark for me.

32. What would instantly make you fall out of love with someone? – Betrayal

33. Do you believe you’re going to be a good parent? – I have serious doubts sometimes.

34. What scares you the most about growing old? – Being viewed as a burden and not being taken seriously anymore.

35. Do you like the sound of your name? – I am learning to like it as I didn’t for the longest time.

36. Which celebrity do you think you’d be BFFs with? – Anushka Sharma?

37. Do you believe in fortune tellers and tarot cards? – Not even a little bit.

38. How long did it take you to learn to love yourself? – LONG

39. What do you think the afterlife consists of? – Anything I want it to if I make it to heaven inshallah.

40. Have you ever manipulated someone to get what you wanted? – I’d be lying if I said no.

41. Do you believe in love at first sight or do you think it takes time to grow? – Obviously it takes time.

42. Which celebrity death impacted you the most? – Alan Rickman?

43. Do you write in script or print? – A bit of both.

44. Which wild animal do you wish you could keep as a pet? – None, I don’t like animals *cue boos*

45. Do you believe in destiny? – Yeah…

46. If you had to get a tattoo to honor someone, who would it be? – Honestly, I’d probably just get a quote ai liked. Hypothetically speaking because I wouldn’t get a tattoo.

47. Do you feel like anything is missing from your life? – Mental security, stability and peace of mind. I am a constant worrier.

48. What’s the most childish thing you still love to do? – Lick the icing off the cake when no one is looking.

49. What bad habit have you managed to break? – Biting my nails.

50. Do you believe success comes in the form of money or happiness? BOTH. People that say money doesn’t buy you happiness are in lala land. Money can open doors that lead you to happiness. Let us not kid ourselves. It’s not a popular opinion but I believe in it.


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