Sixteen 2016 Pet Peeves

…that I became aware of and annoyed by but are not specifically relevant to just  the year 2016. These are annoying in all years.

1. Using the word “cheeky” as a prefix to everything. Cheeky nap, cheeky coffee, cheeky take away. STOP.

2. Spelling woman as women and than as then. Though to be fair. I have caught myself doing this. So annoying.

3. Drivers that don’t flash / wave at you in gratitude when you give them way. Excuse me! I am pissing off the guy behind me for you!

4. Poor ass customer service. Don’t do it. If you made the choice to work in retail then it is the law that you are friendly. Period point blank.

5. Dear voices of the drive-thru intercom thing; let me finish giving you the specifics of my order before you interrupt to repeat it to me!

6. Dear people at taxi booking desks; do not recite pick up and drop off information to me like I am a robot when I ask a specific question. Not everything has to be recited from a script. A little human interaction never killed anyone.

7. If you take it, it’s borrow – if you give it, it’s lend. So no, I cannot borrow you a pen.

8. Playing media content out loud in public; use headphones, spare yourself people’s aggro. Everybody’s already looking for excuses to get angry.

9. ATM machines that have withdrawal charges. You’re making me buy my own money? 

10. People that don’t flush the toilet in public bathrooms. Are you trying to be funny? Are you 5? What’s your beef?

11. Cling film.

12. People who attend exciting events and send you photos of everything going on without you requesting this service. What’s with all this salt you’re pouring on my wound homie?

13. People that think confrontation is healthy. Likewise people that give you the silent treatment. Grow up.

14. Whatsapp group politics (i.e. they hate on you when you leave) and the sheer volume of useless content.

15. Attacking anti-social people. Having social anxiety is not the same as being a “party pooper”

16. How ordering anything larger than the smallest size drink in coffee chains suddenly means you are getting a big cup of milk. Ya’ll need to sort out your coffee to milk ratio. Same with hot chocolate.

What pisses you guys off? Vent to me in the comments below. It’s free.



  1. I agree with a few of these. Although this one:

    4. Poor ass customer service. Don’t do it. If you made the choice to work in retail then it is the law that you are friendly. Period point blank.

    …made me pause. It’s worth considering both sides. Sure, They’ve made the ‘choice’…to make money. I mean, let’s be real, no one chooses retail for fun. It’s also not necessarily a fun job. It involves long periods of standing, lifting etc etc. And from what I’ve seen customers treat retail assistants like crap, let alone the managers and supervisors. So some days, I definitely am not in friendly mode. If I encounter a customer that isn’t exactly pleasant, I will help them but I won’t waste energy on being friendly. Cordial, yes. Friendly? I’ll reserve that energy for when I have to pick up all of the stuff on the floor. Anyway, I am perhaps a bit sensitive about that point because while I had sympathy for retail workers before, being one opened my eyes A LOT. Don’t get me wrong, not all customers are evil but the phrase ‘bad customers get bad customer service’ springs to mind. And of course, not all retail assistants are great, but yeah, I got all super defensive LOL. Hopefully I remember this when I suddenly hit it big and become a millionaire (I can dream!).

    1. Absolutely. I was going to write “no one actually chooses to be in retail but…” however I didn’t want to offend anyone as some people might in fact choose to etc. I have had some awful experience with customer service despite being a non difficult shopper (biased maybe). If I open a shirt to look at it I go out of my way to fold it back up the way it was. There are two sides to every story like you said. You just have to put your disgruntled-ness (that a word?) aside just like I do when someone pisses me off at work. I bitch about it at a later time. I don’t become deliberately switched off towards them if you know what I mean. I have been ignored by retail assistants, had eyes rolled at me, been snapped at, and apparently the word thank you does not have a response anymore so it’s like argh! Hence the frustration with poor customer service. I apologise if my comment caused any harm πŸ™‚

      1. Anyone that chooses it probably regrets it after the first week πŸ˜› Fair enough, I agree that people should put whatever feelings they have aside and try and get on with it. At the same time, it could be a whole series of events that’s caused the worker to be rude. Although, they shouldn’t snap or roll eyes – that’s just unnecessary. I think it all cancels out in a way πŸ˜› Like today I had a customer stop me in the middle of the store and demand that I price check three items at the till before dumping it in my hands..and then as I was doing that several other customers requested my help. So it’s easy to end up frustrated when juggling various tasks and so if I’m rude to anyone it probably isn’t deliberate. Of course I am an angel πŸ˜€

        But also I’ve had customers snap at me and roll their eyes, badger me, try and request a manager when I’ve answered them, mess up things as I’m tidying them and so forth. It’s a cycle. Lol at the lack of response to thank you…I admit that I sometimes don’t respond. It’s the end of the interaction and saying ‘No problem’ a million times gets a bit much. I will at least offer up a small smile, though.

        Nah, your comment was fine, I just felt like ranting clearly, haha. Working retail during the holiday period is very trying, lol.

  2. Completely agree with all, especially the giving way one. I always promise never to give way ever again but then I feel bad and do it anyway. It’s a vicious circle :/
    My biggest pet peeve is also related to driving. To the drivers who assume I am going to give them way so they wait in the middle of the road, blocking traffic…NO! If you were polite and just waited your turn I might have given you way, but now I have to say mean things about you that you can’t hear!

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