5 creepy things that happened to me

1. I crashed on my cousin’s sofa once as she stayed up late revising in her room. I woke up at like 2:00am to use the bathroom. When I went back to the sofa, my (evil) cousin was sitting on it in the dark with a torch under her chin and her hair resembling a witch pulling a scary ass face at me. My half sleepy self did not take kindly to this and I screamed, loud, at 2:00am in a house full of sleeping people. What gets me is; no one woke up or reported hearing any noise the next day. What if something dangerous was happening to me?!? 

2. At this same cousin’s house (maybe I should see less of her!) on a different occassion, I was crashing on the sofa again. I woke up to use the bathroom again right around the time for Fajr prayer. It was so cold that I started to consider finishing my business and going straight to sleep rather than praying. As I walked through the corridors to get to the toilet, I heard Quraan being recited on tape which my aunty had left playing. The verse being recited was; “…and when they stand for prayer they stand lazily” [4:142] I’m telling you the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I was that creeped out.

3. I went through a phase where I thought I would meet the love of my life online. So, when I started getting messages from some rando on Facebook, I thought nothing of it and continued to speak to him for the sake of harmless online banter. Until one day where I recieved a message from him that said; you know you really shouldn’t be looking at the newspaper when you are crossing the road. When I denied that it was me he proceeded to describe in great and accurate detail everything I was wearing that day. This was like 7 years ago. I still have no idea who it was.

4. To keep things in the stalking genre; I once started getting flirtatious text messages on my phone from a random number. I thought it was someone I knew pulling my leg so I prologed conversation to find out who. When I got nowhere, the messages went from flirty to filthy real quick. I got annoyed that some douchebag thought he could intimidate me so I sent him a heavily loaded moral lecture about respecting women and how he was not a real man. For good measure, I even told him I was laughing at how pathetic he was. He sent me a message back saying; “oh yeah? then how about I drive to *wrote my EXACT address* and see who’s laughing then?” When I saw my address on the screen, I literally felt all the blood leave my body. Still have no idea who it was.

5. I was volunteering for an organisation that helped people affected by crime. Essentially, we would visit people at home and give them free alarms and pamphlets on how to stay safe etc. I went to some elderly guy’s (70s)  house once to give him some alarms and emotional support as he lived alone. I get to the house and everything strikes me as odd. His bed was in the living room for a start and there was mess everywhere. Random men kept walking in and out as I kept talking to him. I asked if they were his sons; he said no just people in the community that liked to visit. He started to tell me what the burgulars damaged and said it was mostly in the bedroom upstairs and would I like to see (nope!) then he said he owned some items that were damanged by the burgulars and he requested I go to see them with him. We get to the kitchen and he opens what I thought was a storage cupboard. I take a step in after him and see some stairs leading down to a cellar; I turn to see a guy behind me holding the door open. At this point I am sick to my stomach with fear. I start babbling on about my colleague waiting for me in the car, which was a big fat lie as I had gone alone. Then walk briskly back to the living room, grab my phone and make a “phonecall” saying “no don’t come, I’m on my way out.” I honestly have no idea if they intended me any harm but it was all just too fishy for words. The whole thing.

Which one of these was most creepy to you? Anything creepy ever happen to you?



  1. Trust me I have had the number 1 kind of thing. šŸ˜› It was my cousin and I screamed so loud eventhough she wasn’t gonna do anything. XD But her hair was all witchy and it was dark. šŸ˜›

    The second one is like a coincidence.
    3,4,5 were the creepy ones!

      1. Sorry I ought to have known that. Leicester police have ignored me for the past year after I became upset with them with how they handled my statement in part of an investigation into a pedophile ‘maulana’ who molested children.

        How unprofessional can they be? When even Muslim children are victims, we don’t matter.

      2. Right? And the Muslim communities’ habit of automatically denying ot covering up abuse of children and attacking accusers doesn’t help either. There is no such a thing as Muslim community support for Muslim children abused.

        Still, it’s better in UK than America/Canada, which is saying something….

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