The best photo I have ever taken?

Perhaps not. It’s definitely not the best quality. But I love it! I was out in town yesterday when this Santa caught my eye. I guess his job is to stand around holding that sign in the freezing cold. I do hope he gets paid well for it.

Anyway, I might have caught him on his break. But he was sitting on the bin going on his phone while people rushed past him. I love how symbolic of life this is; sometimes you are at a standstill, alone, while life continues to pass you by…. and as Tupac (roughly) said;

“The world moves fast and would rather pass you by, than stop to see what makes you cry…so painful and sad; sometimes I cry, but no one cares to ask me why…”

Or….  maybe I am reading too much into it and it really was bored Santa going on facebook 😂

Let me know what you think? Happy Sunday! 



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