Well. Some people manage it in 3 months; it took yours truly 3 years but I did it. I mean, I say I don’t care about the number of followers I have as that number is not always reflected in the interaction with the material I produce but still, 500 is the most followers I have had on any online platform so woop, woop!

If you are new on here; welcome to the mad house. Here’s some stuff you may have missed about me.

  • I am a mental human being who will blog about anything under the sun. Perhaps not about the sun itself though, because cold weather is the one.
  • Photography and writing are my two passions! 
  • I wrote a book about an arranged marriage situation in the Islamic / Asian culture which is available as an ebook on Amazon Kindle. Cheaper than a Starbucks drink. Get it, review it, tell people about it; I shall love thee forever!
  • You can find me on twitter and instagram where I definitely do not have 500 followers! πŸ˜‚
  • My 1st blog post and perhaps the one dearest to my heart was Yemen Through my Eyes.
  • The name for my blog is a stupid phrase we used to say back in the motherland when we didn’t have an answer to a question. Probably originates from an old film or play. Also, I felt it was symbolic as I never know the answer to much!
  • Some of the photos on there included;

    Anyway! Here’s 5 random facts about me that to celebrate 500 followers!

    1. I very rarely answer the phone when people call me. All my friends know to text me not call. Never call. I just feel awkward talking on the phone.
    2. I always sleep with a fan on. Even in winter. It is rare for me to feel cold.
    3. I taught myself Urdu and Turkish just by watching films and programmes in those two languages.
    4. I can become dizzy very easily. So 4DX movies & theme parks are definitely not my idea of fun.
    5. When Deathly Hallows (the book!) came out, I queued up at midnight for it, went home and read it for 12 hours straight. Yep; didn’t sleep until I finished it.



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