5 things making me restless at the moment

1. Work.

2.This cough that I have had for like 3 weeks now.

3. How little I have accomplished in 2016.

4. Marriage and whether I should actively pursue it or not.

5. Publishing this book I wrote that will probably flop when I eventually get it up on Kindle and no one will read it.

…maybe an interview post will cheer me up πŸ˜‚



      1. Do you know publishing it (myself) is proving to be a major pain in the ass. It was full of errors and I had to re-upload and now and it’s not updating 😭

    1. Aw thanks lovely. Believe me. I am trying. It is proving so difficult alone. Just waiting for some changes to update- they seem to be taking forever. But inshallah watch this space πŸ˜†

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