Awkward Convo.

Someone told me today (not in malice per se) that single girls become uglier to men the closer they edge to 30. 

Before ya’ll shoot me, I fall into that category (not ugly, I’m buff me 😎) so it’s not like I am mocking anyone. Also, I’m not saying women ACTUALLY become ugly, I’m saying (some) men automatically feel like “they could do better” when faced with an “older” woman & unfortunately better more often than not means younger. 

Anyway, I wanted to challenge this statement today, only mildly though because I actually believe it to be true, but I honestly couldn’t because I came to the comical realisation that every 30+ male I knew seems to have a 25 and under policy.

Sigh… 😧

Dear Men, 

If  ya’ll gonna be so narrow minded and choose girls half your age for the purposes of matrimony, just know that you are, well, narrow minded. When the teenager you marry naturally doesn’t meet your intellect levels don’t go having an affair with a “mature” woman who “understands” you. Man up and see your decision with Barbie Girl through. It ain’t her fault you’re a misguided fellow.

Also, it’s not really not our fault you can have kids at 70 and our bodies start to semi betray us at around 35 onwards. Don’t be cheap. Don’t use this against women when deciding to get married.

Disclaimer; on some level, deep, deep down, I know that not ALL men are like this. Promise.

Peace out.



  1. Sad but too true 😑 The older men get, the younger the ‘wives’ they want, and than they’re frustrated when they don’t mesh well together.. sigh… I’ve seen too many cases of affairs and divorce because of this and god I hate it!

      1. I got married at 26 and half of society thought my parents waited too long to marry me off 😂 They didn’t start late, their daughter was too picky and rejected half the prospective boys 😂😂 and I’m glad I did, how else would i have ended up with my amazing husband? He’s 3 years older than me and we’re best friends 😊

      2. Aww!! 😍 Cute mashallah… I dunno what’s in store. If it’s not marriage. I hope God has some epic plans for me inshallah!

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