Back by (not so) popular demand 

Stole the questions from the lovely; Hijabi Online because I am a theif like that #astagz

What’s your real first name?                  Aw man, I’m still at a point in life where it is important for me to remain anonymous. 

Would you ever smile at a stranger?        I always do, not even coz it’s sunnah, I just need everyone’s approval to survive 😑

Popcorn or Nachos?
Popcorn these days.

Where were you born? 

Do you drink coffee?
Nah, I’m all about the desi chai.

How many siblings do you have?
Two; brother and a sister.

What was the last thing you texted someone? Explain the text you’ve last send/received.                                                   I sent my cousin a couple of photos I took asking which one she liked better so I can submit it to a contest. Here they are; 

Do you prefer Summer or Winter?             This one always comes up! Winter. But Autumn is my favourite of all time.

Tell us something weird about you.            I am big on random acts of kindness. Paid for the car behind me’s order at the drive through once. I don’t think this is weird per se. But other’s have told me it is.

What do you drink with dinner?
Water these days. It must mean I’m becoming an adult coz it always used to be a fizzy drink.

Have you ever cried because you were so happy?
Yeah, when my mother bought me my DSLR.

How many aunts and uncles do you have?
10 on each side; hazars of being Asian. I have over 40 cousins. I am the eldest of them all.

Are you lazy?
Abaolutely. I could win awards.

How tall are you?
I’m 4ft cute 😑

Do you use sarcasm a lot?
More than necessary some would argue.

Do you have a Favourite Blog?
Everyone I follow, I follow for a reason; I enjoy their content but I’m always looking for new blood. 

Do you miss anyone right now?
Why is this question in every set of questions?! Even if I wasn’t missing anyone it makes me miss people 😂

What size is your bed?
UK single – story of my life 😐

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve recieved?                                                             Don’t let people upset you, they all die anyway.

What is one advice you’d give someone?
I try not to give out advice as a general rule. I think people often just want someone to listen to them rather than give advice. So unless they specifically ask…

Anyway, that’s a wrap! I dunno why the font kept changing. Hard to fix on the phone though!

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  1. I love that advice: don’t let people upset you, they’re all going to die anyway 😂😂😂 perfect! Next time someone is being a pest, I’m just going to say ‘it’s ok, you’re going to die anyway’ and walk away 😂 Just the reactions should be fun to watch;)

      1. sweet! nom nom nom…..I cannot wait to smear mah word vomit all over it! seriously, you came up in my recs. great blog and awesome answers!

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