5 times the realisation that I’m an adult… 

-hit me like a ton of bricks.

1. When I started paying for my own medical needs. Or rather when I stopped paying for medical needs coz I am broke af. Also; get all the dental work you need before you turn 16 kids.

2. When I recieved my 1st bill. It was exciting. Finally, I was an adult with their shit together. Negative. The novelty soon wore off.

3. When I applied for a higher position at work, didn’t get it but was then asked to rate the other candidate who applied for the same post so that they still had a chance of getting it.

4. When I started to loathe owning a bank card and MISS the £5 pockey money I used to get from the folks. Being responsible blows.

5. When I realised that kissing ass is unfortunately sometimes the only way to get a little bit further in life. I swear a small part of me died inside. 

When do you get reminded / realise that you are an adult?



  1. Lol my 12 year old always asks me what’s it like to be an adult (not having to go to school and stuff) but all I can say is enjoy being a kid while you can.

    But seriously, the time I knew I was an adult was late one Saturday afternoon when I was sitting watching “The Brady Bunch” with the kids, transported to my own carefree childhood, and they’re like ‘Mum, what’s for dinner’ and then I’m like “Um, I don’t know”. It quickly dawns on me that that’s my job….

    1. 😂 Aw! See I always wanted to be a grown up too when I was a kid. My problem was I was a very mature kid but no one took me seriously I felt. On some level, I still wouldn’t want to be a kid. But being an adult is no walk in the park either.

      1. It seems most kids are keen to be grown up, I recall my own mum telling me to ‘stop wishing my life away’ when I wish life would hurry up!

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