More interviews with self because life, guys

Apparently these are the 101 questions that girls would like to be asked on a 1st date. Here we go. Not like I have work in the morning or anything.

1. What were you like as a little kid?     Very quiet and insecure.

2. Who are you closest to in your family? Right at this current moment none of them. They’re all pissing me off. I love them dearly but GOD!

3. Who do you think you’re most like in your family?                                                         Well, according to each parent, I resemble the other so this has left me very confused throughout the years. If you twisted my arm then I guess I am more like my father. 

4. What’s your favorite memory from growing up?                                                       Going to the beach maybe.

5. What was your favorite subject in school?                                                                 English.  

6. Tell me about your best friend.                She is an inspiration actually now I think about it. 

7. Why did you choose the college you chose?                                                                    Because it was really close to my house.

8. What to you is a “perfect” day?                I mean, food would be involved. And someone decent to have a conversation with.

9. Which would be harder for you to give up: coffee or alcohol?                                        Don’t drink either.

10. If you could trade lives with one person for an entire day who would it be and why?                                                               Either someone mean and horrible to see what they are like when they are alone. Or, an author.

11. What is something you wish people asked you more often?                                     I guess about my life before I moved to England. 

12. If you were a stereotypical character in a movie, who would you be?                      A lot of people said Sadness from Inside Out is basically me 😂

13. What is the movie you tell everyone is your favorite, and what is your actualfavorite?                                           I feel like this is something men do. I don’t lie about liking or disliking films.In fact, I’m one of the few people that will willingly say; I felt pretty bored in Les Miserables. Cue hate mail.

14. What was the last book you read that really resonated with you?                              It has been a long ass time since I read anything that deep. Don’t Be Sad – Aayed Al Qarni. But that was like 10 years ago bruh.

15. Pizza or wine?                                               I don’t drink so Pizza?

16. Salty or sweet?                                              What like popcorn? Sweet. If generally then I prefer savoury the older I get.

17. Summer or Fall?                                            Fall- all day, everyday.

18. What’s your favorite holiday that isn’t Christmas or your birthday?                Easter. I don’t celebrate it. But two weeks off work. Ergo; come oooooon April.

19. If you could find out the truth to one unsolved mystery, which would you pick and why?                                                               I am quite dark in that I want to know how certain people died. I wanna know what happened to Amelia Earhart as well. And Agatha Christie when she disappeared.

20. What is your favorite thing to do?          Lately it seems to be answering these questions 😂 ah what a gripping life one does lead.

21. What is your favorite feature about yourself?                                                               Physical? Hair.

22. What’s the dumbest thing you’re afraid of?                                                                Driving on certain roads.

23. What is the best gift you’ve ever received?                                                               Is it ungrateful to say still waiting for it? 

24. What is a TV show you can quote every line from?                                                  Friends.

25. What are you really, really good at?       I am a skilled linguist once I put my mind to it.

26. Do you think you’d want to be famous?                                                                 Sometimes.

27. If yes, how do you think you’d handle it?                                                                            Very poorly 😂

28. What’s your superpower?                        Being invisible.

29. What superpower would you want?      Not to be invisible anymore 😂… or time travel actually.

30. What is your favorite quote?             “Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not. And often times we call a man cold, when he is only sad.”

31. What is a song that you can’t help but sing along to whenever you hear it?           That one from Zorro. I want to spend my lifetime loving you.

32. How would you describe yourself in just five words?                                                   Sarcastic, worrier, creative, emotional, funny.

33. What makes you laugh the hardest?      Things that really shouldn’t. For instance, I went to see Dream Girls with a couple of friends when it came out years ago and everytime the cast sang their replies instead of said them, I cracked up. Yes, I know it was a musical.

34. Who is your favorite TV couple that you think of when you think of “relationship goals”?                                        I like Ross and Rachel but they were far too dysfunctional to be goals.   

35. Why are you in the field that you’re in?                                                                           Because I am good at it. But also coz no where else wants me.

36. What do you love most about your job?                                                                         The satisfaction of knowing you potentially contributed towards the betterment of someone’s life / future. Boy that went from 0 to deep real quick.

37. What do you like the least about it?      The pay.

38. What is your most bizarre talent?          I can make a star out of a rubber band. Not really bizarre is it.

39. What’s your karaoke go to?                      Never done Karaoke.

40. Who is the one person in this world that knows you best?                                        My mother possibly.

41. What do you love to do on your days off?                                                                          As little as I can get away with.

42. Do you think money really buys happiness?                                                   Yes. Young me would say no. But the older I get, the more I believe in that money opens doors and behind those doors lies happiness.

43. So what is happiness to you?         Peace of mind. Being in a space where you don’t worry every 2 seconds. Money can’t buy that I hear you say. Yes it can, by not worrying about things financially you pretty much will feel peace of mind.

44. What is something you’ve never done that you’ve always wanted to do?      Go to India.

45. Have you ever fought with a stranger online about something?                         Yes, I documented the whole thing, as one does. I was that perplexed by the experience.

46. What to you is the perfect way to spend a weekend?                           Sometimes it involves doing as little as possible. Watch a movie. Eat a lot. Write. Read. Go for a sneaky drive at night. Have a really good chat with someone.

47. Tell me about the best party you’ve ever been to.                                                       Don’t really go to parties.

48. Is there a documentary or book that really changed the way you thought about something?                                 Finding Vivan Myer; that was a great photography documentary and it fascinated me.

49. How do you think you’d fair in the Hunger Games?                                         Here goes nothing; I have never watched (or read) the Hunger Games. Feels pretty good to be the only one.

50. What commercials make you cry?         None really, though that Clover advert used to try its ass off.

51. What do you think is the most fun part about dating?                                     Lack of commitment makes you treat people nicer. I feel people who date are way nicer to one another than say married folk.

52. And what’s the worst part about dating?                                                                   I imagine it gets dull.

53. How do you want people to remember you?                                                           Fondly and with a prayer.

54. Are you a dog person or a cat person? Neither. Don’t love animals and am scared of them all. But if you forced me; cats.

55. What’s your patronus?                         No idea. Knowing my luck; a donkey.

56. What is your favorite part about the city you live in?                                            It’s quiet. Ironically this is also what I hate about it.

57. What would you want your obituary to say?                                                             She really did try.

58. What’s your go-to Tinder bio? What’s Tinder? I’m kidding I know. Ish.

59. How do you want to die?        Painlessly.

60. What is one thing you feel your life is missing?                                                       Peace of mind.

61. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?                                                                    I paid for a DNA Ancestry test kit to find out where my ancestors are from. Results pending.

62. What was the coolest part about where you grew up?                                    It’s a 3rd world country so life was a lot simpler. Harder yes, but simpler. I miss that.

63. Tell me about how you became close with one of your best friends.                     It was a very gradual process. We became close two years after meeting each other. We attended the same schools at all phases of Education.

64. What’s your weirdest/quirkiest habit?                                                                    I always eat the fries before my burger.

65. What’s one piece of advice you think everyone needs to live by?                           To just live and let live. And be kind!

66. If I asked your co-workers to describe you, what would they say?                       She never smiles, probably. The ones that know me better would hopefully say I am funny.

67. What about your best friends?       She’s funny; I hope.

68. How about your parents?                   Too negative. Too kind.

69. What do you think makes you unique from other people?                                          I go way beyond the call of duty for you if you are loyal to me.

70. Where is the coolest place you’ve ever been to on a vacation?                              Istanbul.

71. If you weren’t doing what you’re doing now as a career, what would you want to be doing?                                            A photographer. Or an author. Or a photojournalist. 

72. Who has had the biggest influence on your life?                                                          Parents and  People that have good careers maybe.

73. Tell me about your childhood pets. None.

74. Who was your favorite teacher?         My psychology teacher. He made us laugh. A lot. 

75. What was the dumbest thing you did in college?                                                           I was too trusting and too forgiving with a good few people.

76. What’s something that, try as you might, you just can’t do?                            Be confident.

77. Were you popular in high school?   Not. At. All.

78. What’s your favorite word?             Shall I piss everyone off and say it’s moist? I don’t have one.

79. What’s your guilty pleasure?     Reading and watching rom coms. Like I get bored at serious movies and I couldn’t get through To Kill a Mocking Bird.

80. If you could be best friend with any famous person, dead or alive, who would it be?                                                             Chris Rock maybe. I need a laugh right now. Or Nicholas Sparks.

81. What’s your favorite memory ever?Yemen maybe and college days.

82. When do you feel most yourself?When I have a cup of tea in my room. God that’s so dull.

83. What would your Shark Tank idea be?Dunno what this is a reference to. Is that like the American Dragon’s Den?

84. Who is a celebrity that drives you absolutely crazy?                                      Keith Lemon. Not funny at all.

85. What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?                                        Got on a plane to Turkey on my own. My family who reside there recieved me on the other side of course. But the plane alone was a biggie. 

86. What makes you nervous?     Authority.

87. What are some of your ambitions in life?                                                                     To do something to make my parents proud of me I guess.

88. Have an Tinder nightmare stories?No.

89. Do you consider yourself more of an introvert or an extrovert?                 Inteovert. All day, everyday.

90. What makes you the most angry?People.

91. How do you feel about confrontation?Loathe and avoid it at all costs.

92. Who would play you in a movie about your life?                                           Parminder Nagra because aim high.

93. How did your parents pick your name?                                                              It’s my Grandmother’s name.

94. What would you save first if your apartment caught on fire?              Nothing.                                             UPDATE; my skin 😂

95. If you could change the decade you were born into, what would you change it to?                                                                     My parents’ era. Sounds like it was a laugh. So 70’s.

96. What’s the best part about your typical week?                                          Making it alive.

97. Do you prefer to live alone or with roommates?                                             Alone. Unless it’s with a  group of funny conversationalists. I am picky.

98. What’s the weirdest thing that pops up if I Google you?                                       Bad Hijab day photos.

99. Who do you call when you have big news?                                                         Family / close friends.

100. What are you dying to ask me?What’s with all the alcohol questions.

101. Can I get you another drink?       See?!



  1. Heeeyyy! I just got Don’t be sad this summer!
    Did you read it in Arabic or in English? 🙂
    Are you sure you don’t drink coffee? Idk why I have this feeling that you do. 😛
    You haven’t watched or read HUNGER GAME 😮 that was a surprise. 😛 Cool.

    Ahahah even I can make a star with a rubber band. XD

    94. What would you save first if your apartment caught on fire?
    Really? :/ I was hoping for a fun answer. 😉
    Oh and btw are you not taking nay photos these days?

    1. I read it in English actually! I love it. I do drink coffee but choose not to, 9/10 it’s tea and hot chocolate for me. Lol I tell you what, I didn’t wanna say phone, camera etc that’s so materiliastic! Also, whenever there is a fire drill they tell tell you not to take anything 😂 it’s been drilled into me to save nothing but my own skin! Ah, photos. Can you tell I have started work? Never have time to sift through them anymore but soon inshallah 😭

      1. I have it in English as well (obviously). 😀
        Ahaha for me not even tea (chai). 😛
        I prefer fruit juice and hot chocolate just in winters. XD
        Ahaha I think now I get it why they say ‘fire drill’ so that it ‘drills’ in your head. 😛
        Hey,that is no good excuse coming from a pro photographer like you. 😉
        In sha Allah,will be waiting!

      2. Aw I am flattered you wanna see some photos. I am too over worked I swear. I used to love coffee now it’s all about the chai man. Not even English tea; proper chai!! How you liking don’t be sad?

      3. Haha that’s nice.For some people chai is like a drug some need a dose twice daily. XD
        I haven’t even read half of it.It is pretty cool.The way they have ayahs,quotes and short poems.They say alot in a few words and makes you want to be so grateful!The book is like umm like the book cares for you so much if that makes sense. 😛

      4. The book is like a warm hug on a cold day man. I’ve had it over 10 years still not read it all. I just chose a topic from the index and read it.

      5. Nah. That way becomes overwhelming I found. Coz its like a forceful push to be happy all the time which is not possible really. Our way is best 😁

      6. EXACTLY!
        I can just be very sad and tell myself I won’t read the book I want to be sad.But then I read it and it is just like a reminder of how much blessed we are and how beautiful it is that we have a solution for our sadness and a cure for the madness that comes along with misery!

  2. Dang that was long! How long did it take for you to answer all 101 questions? It was amusing to read though. I’ve always been fascinated by interviews. I love hearing people’s stories and knowing what makes them tick.

    Why does everyone hate moist? It’s not my favourite, but it’s certainly not my most hated. I think my favourite is quixotic or whimsical.

    What are sneaky drives?

    “Because it was really close to my house” – literally the same reason I went to my undergrad. It wasn’t my choice, but it ended up working in the end.

    1. Aww I am glad you were amused. I swear these get me through sunday nights. Sneaky drives are ones I don’t tell mum I am going on lol. I don’t mind moist that much. Not sure why it gets such bad press!

  3. This comment is not for here – I think I haven’t even read this post at all even.

    Seriously what is your height?

    Like mine is 5’8.5 so what is yours in that same format? Just tell it miss gosh or I will just not find peace.

    I will comment on the new post after you get some other comments it makes me feel secure lol. I’m laughing haha 😀

      1. I’m sorry for being rude above. My mind just made me remember the post about you being creeped out. It’s alright to be how you are and there’s nothing wrong with it.

        Hold tight for the comment (Essay in disguise) on your Nani post 😇.

      2. When you need to write an essay as a comment – its good to wait for some upper comments section to be filled in by other people.

      3. A person told me long ago that whenever you feel the inkling of the feeling that you might have possibly hurt someone a tiny bit even just towards apology for it will make you humble. It does work no doubt, May Allah bless that individual.

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