Rant No. 1 | The Rude Barista

What would you do, if you were on vacation, in a country where you only know basic conversational words that barely get you by, and your barista decided to be an absolute inconsiderate human to you and your group?

This was achieved via a variety of things she did; 

– Not making an effort to converse with us in English, which I am pretty sure she had some knowledge of. 

-Insisting on taking our order in her language at record speed which obviously puzzled us as we were not locals. 

-Not picking up the hints that she should go easy on us. If our nervous smiles and innunciation of every word wasnt plea enough, I dunno what would have been?

-What we thought was a breakthrough; her taking an interest and asking where we were from, soon turned into an exchange of a knowing rolling of the eyes between her and her colleagues.

-Our please and thank yous were not reciprocated.

-I didn’t feel bad sitting for a long ass time and hoggin’ their wifi after their, lack of, hospitality. 

-The final blow was when she saw us, paying customers, still sitting in the store beyond a time she deemed suitable, despite this being within opening times  and she laughed out loud and exhanged disbelief glances with her colleague as if to say; they’re still here?

Honestly, this treatment made me feel pretty small, and ruined my evening let alone my group’s. I wanted to tell her to be understanding, to cut us some slack. But I settled for not saying thank you to her on the way out.

What would you have done?



    1. You know if I was home, I would feel confident doing that. But because I’m abroad I hesitated. I just thought if she’s not speaking English what’s the chance of her manager speaking it. Bleh, I am so mad at them 🤐

    1. I tell you what. She lucky she didn’t get a hi five to her face with my palm 😤. There’s a way to treat people and that wasn’t it. I think next time I go. I will insist on speaking English, stand my ground and all that. She is so intimidating the cowbag.

  1. I recently had a similar incident while on my vacations but It was because we were muslims n I was Hijabi..I would hv done same what you did..I cant be much rude to people like them and too sensitive at handling such things they keep on hurting for a long time.

  2. Honestly I understand how this can come across rude. I am a barista myself and I absolutely hate it when people can’t speak English or they don’t understand what they want… Because we end up talking in circles. “You want a cappuccino with no foam???” I talk with over 300 people a day and by the 100th my patience is thin and I don’t care if you’re my best friend. By the end of one shift you are exhausted, and honestly if someone only buys a latte I shoo those people out of my shop too. Especially on busy days. If it is more than that and she is really making you feel bad of course talk to the manager, but also look at it from her point of view. I am not making excuses for this girl, but like any job, it can seem harder than it is. Hopefully you will go to better coffee shops, with nicer people!

    1. We bought 3 rounds of drinks unlike some people that sat there for hours with just a latte. Also, she thought we were refugees because when we told her what country we came from (one facing war at the moment) she started jabbering away in Turkish about us seeking asylum in Turkey and never leaving. I know this because I understand Turkish more than I can speak it. Her rudeness stumped me into stuttering when I attempted speaking in Turkish. She was just unpleasent. I looked for her coffee shop on tripadvisor to complain. Alas, it was not there.

      1. Oh that is absolutely awful. That is not the way it should be. Unfortunate situation! Hopefully she’s had an attitude adjustment since then! So uncalled for, especially after three rounds of drinks!

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