Instagram; are you on it?

So, I was browsing my instagram and thinking of closing that badboy down because it is so dead, I can’t even.

When I discovered instagram (years ago now) I was overly excited because taking photos was my thing. However, somewhere along the line, I realised I must be doing it wrong. Despite having 200+ followers I only average about 15 likes. And its not so much the likes as it is; do people even see my photos?

I hate how it has become a popularity contest rather than what it set out to be; a platform to exhange feedback on photos.

Anyway. This is a last attempt to revive my instagram by putting it out there! Follow me on there and we’ll talk inneh.



  1. Ditto! I loved instagram when I first started using it but I find it has changed so much since. Will follow you now in a hope to revive your account šŸ™‚ lol xx

  2. Just added you there ! šŸ™‚ and dont worry about number of followers, the following concept does not mean people are actually following , some of them just want you to follow back and increase their followers šŸ˜‰ this is what I learnt from Insta and wordpress!

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