Share Your Story With Me

Go on… it only takes a minute and it feels kindda good after.

I am going through a YouTube videos phase these days. You will often catch me making jokes about becoming a YouTuber on my blog too. Something appeals to me about it but I lack the confidence, time and ideas to see it through. Still, perhaps one day.

Moving on, I came across a pretty good video that I liked today, I will link it for your viewing pleasure somewhere on here. It involved a YouTuber giving strangers a Dollar for their story.

The idea was fascinating to me because I do sometimes catch myself thinking; I wish I can talk to someone right now who actually wanted to listen to me. By God’s grace, I do have some people in my life who fulfil that criteria. But sometimes, in the interest of not burdening them too, I stay quiet and that is where this avenue comes in handy.

I have been desperate and stuck for something to write about for a couple of weeks now and was thus inspired by Kareem’s idea for a post. I can’t give you a Dollar for your story, but I can read it and cherish that you shared it with me. The risk of course being we are a closed up culture as a whole and maybe no one wants to share their inner deep thoughts.

It can be something light too though,  or something funny, or inspirational. Whatever floats your boat really. Share it down below. I don’t have enough of a follower base for this to be wildly successful, but we will not worry about that too much just yet.

In the interest of fairness, I will share something first; a small part of me. I wish it could be cheerful, but in the mood I am in right now…. #leSigh

I am a notorious people pleaser, I have lived my entire life pleasing others. Honestly, I don’t know if it is a culture thing or a self-esteem thing or both, but I am (sadly) forever looking for someone to be proud of me, be it my mother or my boss or a friend. It doesn’t even have to be someone superior to me, I have longed to be accepted by people younger, less “powerful” -for lack of a better word- than myself.

Every year, I tell myself I will no longer be this person that craves to be accepted and every year, I fail at this resolution even more than the previous year. The positives of being someone who always seeks for others’ approval is that you are a peace maker and you are not confrontational per se.

The negatives are when you don’t get this approval, you sink into this unforgiving pit of depression that is seriously difficult to resurface from. People don’t seem to understand why you let yourself succumb to such nonesense and immediately demand yiu cut the crap and bounce back from it.

Honestly, that’s like telling a French person to suddenly become Japanese. It ain’t happening. That said, I am currently in the proccess of teaching myself that you can be the juiciest and ripest peach in the world but there will STILL be a certain sector of people that loath peaches for no rhyme or reason and that I just have to learn to be ok with that.

I am looking forward to a day where I no longer care about the negatives that people think / associate with me. But more importantly, I am trying to learn not to crave other people’s approval like my life depends on it.

Also, I need to lose this hero (or heroine) complex that I seem to have developed of late where I expect that if I go out of my way for someone (which I tend to do, a lot) that person will appreciate this act and me forever. Unfortunately, some people will take your kindness and treat it like a God given right and you can do very little to make them appreciate you.

So there you have it, a chunk of me that I dislike slightly and is no out there. Please feel free to share something about you. I would live to give it a read. Enjoy the video and have a lovely Monday!



  1. Omg, I so have a story! Haha. Ok, so you won’t believe this but:

    I am from Canada, and we were in New York for the last few days, family road trip. No wifi or internet though. I did check my wordpress whenever I had access to wifi, and I actually partially read your post in New York!

    New York is ironically a “City of Stories”, and that’s what I thought I’d title my post about it, when I do get the chance to write. So this is so ironically beautiful 🙂

    I miss Sinan and Laila, Tam Tam.

    I have a question for you, have you ever shared your blog with someone you know, or is it fully anonymous? Mine is anonymous too, and I have shared it with a few people, and I’m seriously thinking about making is Private so I have more control in terms of who accesses it, what’s your opinion on this?

    1. Hey! Aww that IS ironically beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I miss Sinan and Leyla too 😓 feel a little bit lost without those guys you know, did not expect that. My blog is mostly anonymous, I think one person knows but they don’t read it so it’s all good 😅 I panic about people I know discovering it sometims because I put SO much of myself out here and I am worried how it will be taken. By the same token, I feel I will miss out on interaction (which is minimal already 😩) if I go private. However, if you feel going private will give you some control that you need go for it, you can always go public again if you change your mind 😄

      1. This is what I fear too, I love being able to interact with different people on here. I’m going to keep it public for now. I have put soooooo much of myself on here too, subhanAllah. I’m the introverted sort in real life, and I don’t share these sort of things except with a very selective few. Hmmm.

        Don’t feel lost. Ramadan is around the corner, and it is going to fabulous inshAllah. ❤ May Allah swt accept all your duas, and ease all your affairs, ameen.

        Btw I really love your insight and posts, especially the one about death, and the posts about your grandfather.

        Love and duas,


  2. (A bit late to this post, but whatever)

    Not really a story but rather a yearly thought that I have every time Ramadhan rolls around. Whenever Ramadhan is here, I always miss my father more than usual bc we used to break our fast together every night as a family but now there’s only 3 of us and the dining table always feel too big.

    Suhoor is the worst bc when he was alive, we used to actually properly eat with plates and stuff at the dining table but now the 3 of us just end up sitting/standing around the kitchen eating oats or cereal or bread instead of proper food.

    I always hope it gets easier as time goes by, but it doesn’t. I guess when you lose someone, their presence will always be missed and that’s just something you have to deal with for the rest of your life.

    Anywaaaay, we’re going to start fasting on Monday Inshallah, I can’t wait! Hope this Ramadhan will be fruitful for you and your family xx

    1. Ameen! Aww that is such a lovlely story mashallah thank you for sharing… actually, someone died in our family this weekend and he left behind several children the youngest of which is 7… this gave me some perspective. My Dad and I are not the emosh kind tbh so we rarely show affection towards one another, it just feels awkward. I know this sounds odd to people who feel more comfortable expressing their emotions with parents but I wasn’t raised this way. Anyway, I hugged him today out of no where. I think he was shocked but touched. Subhanallah at how this story ties in with yours a little. May Allah grant our loved ones, your father amongst them, the highest ranks of Jannah Ameen x

      1. Ameen!

        I’m sorry to hear that 😦 Tbh even though I consider my mum and I to be pretty close, it’s only recently that I could talk to her about my dad. Before this, he was just something we kind of avoided/talked around. We’d talk about him on birthdays and mention how it’s weird that he’s not around etc but I think it was only last year that I could say stuff like “haha if Abah was here, he’d say xxxx” and things like that.

        May Allah grant our loved ones the highest ranks of Jannah Inshallah. Hope you’ll have the strength to get through the upcoming weeks! If you need someone to talk to, know that I’m always around x

  3. The story you shared, was me…for about 30 odd years. Being a people pleaser made me so passive. Im currently trying to balance not being a people pleaser but remaining soft-hearted. The world has enough hard hearts as it is. x

    1. Being a people pleaser has made me into a very angry person indeed. It is a horrible feeling because the more people I please the more dead I feel inside. I am not confrontational either. So if someone pisses me off, I’ll swallow the anger and it will eat me up inside. I don’t know why I do this because others certainly dont extend the same courtesy to me.

      1. It’s because you have a working conscience, not many people utilize their moral sense of right and wrong in the way they should and therefore take advantage of the ones that do.

        This shouldn’t stop you from being you but at the same time it also shouldn’t stop you from being just as kind to yourself first. I used to think self love/worth was selfish but I think its more important to self love before giving others love. We cannit fix/help anyone until we fix/help ourselves first.

      2. I need a people cleanse you know. They say you need to eliminate negative people from your life. But seeing as I am the negative one. I perhaps need to eliminate positive people from my life 😂

      3. I don’t think you’re the negative one. I think you just sound fed up of being a people pleaser. Only you can change that i’m afraid. Unfortunately all cliches were created with 100% accuracy…its from within you and all that jazz. Xx

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