Hello there lovely people reading this now, now of course being 11:08pm on a Sunday night. Evidently my system knows I have to go extra early to work tomorrow and therefore thought now would be the perfect time to start drafting a post. The things I do to escape reality, well that’s another post altogether. Still, I am aiming for this post not be as word heavy as my usual ones. It shall be mostly photos.

…and these photos, just to brief you were taken on my trip to the UAE during the Easter holidays where I made it my sole purpose to photograph subjects that were not touristy, or the usual things people would photograph when they go to the UAE. Don’t get me wrong I still got a photo oh Sheikh Zayed Mosque which is the most breathtakingly beautiful building in the world, but this photo will focus on the people that you don’t pay attention. The underdogs some of them, that don’t get enough credit for all their hard work. As always let me know what you think, which one did you like the most? Yes, this is me fishing for compliments, because a gal has got to feel good about herself.


Whilst I generally don’t like heavily packed backgrounds, sometimes you can’t control certain factors about a shot, like cars and every colour under the sun demanding to be present. I guess this image would look better in coloursplash, but it’s a school night and ain’t nobody got time for that. There are still so many things I love about this shot. The fact that it is the little girl taking the photo of the mum being the main thing of course. If you are wondering what the hype is all about; this is a model of an evaporated milk brand called Abu Qaws, which literally translated means ‘Father of Rainbow’ but because that sounds awkward af, I am guessing they just call it Rainbow in English.

Fun fact, Arabs use evaporated milk over fresh milk for their tea and this is like the best brand out there.


If you are thinking ‘aww, look at this fisherman being jolly andΒ being optimistic despite the hardship,’ I am about to burst your bubble. He was laughing at someone who fell off their jet ski. This makes the shot so much more endearing to me. If he was laughing at me, I would hate him, so there is your bias right there, but because he was laughing at someone else I found the humour in it as well.


Now this guy, is doing some hard work bless him unlike the cruel folk who laugh at the jet ski mishaps going on around them, lol. I hate using lol in blog posts but am unsure how else to indicate I am making a joke. This was taken in a fruit and veg market in Abu Dhabi, I think this guy was bunching coriander to sell.


I managed to snap this gentlemen on his break. I love the contrast of the blue in the image. But I also love his shoes and overalls which are covered with paint an dirt- they really tell a story, not more than the tiredness no his face did though. God bless him. His face resounded with me.


I have a soft spot for this photo, it is one of the few images I took in the one night I spent in Sharjah. It was needless to say, taken in a deserted fabric shop at 10:00pm at night. I love all the dresses and fabric. The vibrancy of the shop blew me away. I actually submitted this image for a travel competition, it didn’t win, you may be shocked to hear.


Couple of things about this shot that I love; that I didn’t get arrested for taking a photo of a child I didn’t know, something I wouldn’t even dare to think about doing in the UK, and the fact that said child is currently looking like me when I am at work and the time is literally going so slowly. That aside, look at that pop of colour.


Forgive the lack of clarity here but I kind of like it. I think it mirrors his pace and is reflective of his line of work which is to get things done as quickly as possible. Whenever I am visiting a great tourist attraction, Burj Dubai (formerly Burj Khaleefa) for example, I like to take a moment and think of this guy, well not this one specifically but the people whom he stands for, the people behind all these great buildings, rather than the posh guy in an Armani Kandura / Thawb*Β that cut the ribbon on the opening day. Sure he funded the whole thing and the architect drew the whole thing, but this guy built it with his own hands in 50 degree heat.

*are Armani kanduras a thing? Maybe they should be if not. Business idea right there.

sacha edit

Le sigh people, I don’t even know where to start with this image. I debated posting so much, but because I love it, I relented in the end. The image idea was on point; woman in abaya walking amongst the pillars of Sheikh Zayed Mosque, brilliant. The camera skills were a complete flop, I wasn’t using a tripod and she was walking and I am still not 100% on Manual mode so the result was; blurr-central, she was blurred, the pillars were blurred the water was blurred. I was heartbroken.

…so heartbroken, I sent it to my photography teacher to try and salvage it, he did a grand job it was a big mess before he played with it. What he did is intentionally blur the rest of the image thus making the woman, the main attraction of the photo, come into focus a little more. I was hesitant about posting this image because when he edited it I feel it is now his image and not mine. But that’s what the big ass disclaimer was for.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed those, if the editing is shocking it is because I am still getting acquainted with Lightroom, bear with me.


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  1. Love all the shots! I think my favorites have to be the fisherman, the tired worker on break and of course the last shot of the lady in black πŸ™‚ You have a great eye for composition!

  2. I love that you focused on the everyday people that so often get ignored. To me that’s the best way to learn more about a place. Of course I like the picture of the man with the dresses best, but it’s more about the dresses than the man :p

  3. I love your picture!! The fabric shop and the child in the fruit shop have got to be my favourites! Your photography skills are amazing Ma shaa Allah! 😍😍 Looks like you had an amazing time! Take me with you next time😭

  4. Aaah I have been following you for so long forgive me and this is the first time I’m reading your blog’s… πŸ’œI love the photos and your writing, so talented and uniqueπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ Its fun and all so quirky, I’m obsessed. I literally can’t stop reading your blogs , so innovative and fun.πŸ’œ Keeep it up gurrlπŸ˜ƒ

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