Quirky (all under £10) Gifts Haul Thingymabob

I went shopping (ok so maybe the majority of it was online) and if you know me well, you would know that I loath shopping and in order to tolerate it, I have to buy quirky stuff to make me laugh. Now I look at it, I think everything on here individually cost me under £10- the cheapo in me approves very much. First things first, some shopping I did abroad;


We don’t have a Bath & Body Works in the UK, none that I know of anyway, so when I saw one in Abu Dhabi, I wanted to check it out. It is on the pricey side for me personally, but they had a buy-two-get-one-free offer that day, so I took a sample of three candles and they all smell beautiful. I also got a cute little hand sanitizer; food flavoured of course.


Also purchased from UAE as souvenirs, were these hilarious mugs from Dragon Mall, if you’re interested, which is an irritatingly huge place that often bores the life out of me but you do find a few gems like these authentic presents. I still don’t recommend going, this place is too busy, too big and too full of shops selling fake gadgets. That ‘Dubai is too expensive I could only afford half a cup’ mug is the one. Accurate too.


Now for some items bought closer to home. It’s someone’s birthday soon and I went to town choosing things that would make them laugh, I really hope they like their gifts. I loved them so much, I wanted to purchase them again for myself! These Hello mugs are from Amazon if anyone is interested. You cannot get one without getting the other. I will not allow it.

Something else I discovered recently, is a website called wrap.me where you can create wrapping paper out of yours or someone else’s Instagram photos for that extra personal touch. They are not paying me to say this, though if they wanted to then who am I so say no. Anyway,  I noticed that my person has a lot of hand shots on their insta so I made a little theme for their wrapping paper, if I know her well, she will love the paper more than the actual gift.

Last but not least, was this hilarious top from Primark, I got it for someone who I am sure will be able to relate to it. Then again, can’t we all? Don’t get gassed though, the Little Miss books were not included; that was my arrangement, maybe I do have a career in product photography after all eh?


Let me know which gift you liked the most in the comments. Don’t be a silent liker, I love to hear from you, unless you’re gonna say mean things then be a silent liker all you want, like and be gone.


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  1. I want that shirt! It is the cutest thing 😍 A Primark just opened up near where I live in USA, maybe they’ll have it?

      1. The grand opening was last November on Black Friday 😂 If you know what Black Friday is like is the US you can imagine what that opening was like 😂😂

      1. Lol, don’t ask… Final year of uni and bookwriting haven’t mixed too well for me I’m afraid 😅 But in other news I’m officially back on WordPress! So that’s one good thing I guess! 🎈 😬😬😬😬

  2. Bath and Body is awesome. Never been there lol but my friend has and she got me some epic stuff so I like that place 😛 She got a sparkling hand sanitizer too 😀
    Loved the wrap! I think I’m going to try it sometime.

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