Aloha peeps. I’m gonna go ahead and flatter myself into believing that I have a solid fan base that not only noticed my absence on here, but really missed being moved and entertained by my powerful and witty writing. No? Alright, moving on- sometimes I wish blogging was my day job, well writing in general. It would make life so much easier, because despite not having a big shot job necessarily, life still tends to rob my time when I am not looking and ultimately whatever little of it I have left, I use very selfishly on copious amounts of rest. Then again, if writing was my full time job, I know for  fact that I would hit a writer’s block around once every 5.7 seconds.

Anyway, about this post; I have been back from a lovely trip to the UAE for around five weeks now and believe it or not, I have been planning this, photo essay let’s call it, since then. However, because the post involves a lot of photos that needed a lot of editing due to my poor camera skills (despite a ten lesson photography class) I knew that putting together something of this scale would require a long sit down, which I haven’t had a chance to do until now. And now, if you are interested, is midnight. Feel free to read this post or just look at the photos but please let me know what you think either way!

Some of the most photographed places in the UAE no doubt include Dubai Tower, formerly knows as Khaleefa Tower I believe, which I have been inside on a previous trip and would highly recommend. This architectural genius of a building is one of the most awkward things for an amateur photographer to capture, because it is huge and awkward and dwarfs everything surrounding it thus making it problematic to capture anything with it, unless you are viewing it from a helicopter or from a great distance; neither of which I was. Ergo; I wanted to get a shot of it with something  symbolic to the UAE and I wasn’t displeased with the results actually;


Another image I feel represents UAE, specifically Abu Dhabi, really well is one I took of their local newspaper; Al-Etihad alongside a morning cup of tea; simple but effective at describing how a normal day in Abu Dhabi begins. Though the backdrop of the photo is busy and pattern heavy, I still went with it because it reflects the rich, almost regal style of décor in 90% of the houses I visited on my trip.


One of my colleagues insisted I take a photo of a camel and so I was determined to get a unique and beautiful photo for her and le blog. It made sense to go for a camel because when you think UAE, you immediately think desert and therefore camels right?


Not only did I deliver, but I went one further and found a peacock, that I chased like a lunatic to try and get a photo. In hindsight, I probably frightened the poor thing. I hope it looks ok, I had to edit it quite a bit to get the colours to show as because it was positioned against a bright light, it came out looking pretty dark.


One thing I always keep an eye out for when I am taking photographs is graffiti art for which I harbour a dark and secret love; well not so secret now. I know people think graffiti is a nuisance and an eye-sore, but for me the beauty of it is in the imperfection. After a slightly dizzying drive to Jebel Hafeet at sunset, everyone was taking photos of the views when we reached the top of the mountain and why not, they were spectacular but yours truly was more taken by this graffiti on the mountain which simply said; Al- Ain.


I shall end this post with a beautiful image of the sunset that I captured from a bus that was moving on water, yes you read that correctly. Google Dubai Wonder Bus to see for yourself. So, if the image looks rubbish those are the defences I will be going forward with. Let me know if you liked this post in the comments. Which was your favourite behind the scenes shot? Also, watch this space for my next photo essay; UAE Behind the Scenes; The People. Coming soon, I hope…




  1. Awww I did miss you. Then again, I have been on and off of WordPress so I completely understand.
    AAAAAALLLLL of them!!! I love all of them. I miss U.A.E so so much *starts sobbing in nostalgia. Thanks for the lovely photos and the trip down memory lane.
    P.S. Is the camel photo at Mubazzarah in Alain, beneath the Jebel Hafeet?

  2. Wow I love this post, the pictures are amazing. Especially the one with the camel!
    Hope to see you on my blog as well since I just reactivated it after travelling for seven months and there is loads of new content going to come up soon!

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