Candy Haul; Abu Dhabi

Hey guys, I am still in Abu Dhabi for the Easter holidays for anyone still keeping track. It’s home time soon though, boo! I don’t mind going back, but returning to work is making me feel ill.

Speaking of feeling ill, I don’t feel so good right now (probably because I have been eating myself stupid these last few days) and it is preventing me from sleeping; it’s 4:13am. So, I thought I would attempt a post, on my phone. This should be fun.

I figured it might be fun to do a candy haul for le blog. I am partitioning the haul into two sections; old school candy and modern stuff that I cannot get back home.


So coffee mate is available in the UK but I haven’t seen the Hazlenut edition yet, so if you have… don’t tell me, I will be peeved. I am yet to try this. I am also considering the vanilla caramel flavour.

Lays were becoming really popular before I left my hometown and moved to the UK and could not find them anywhere. We have Walkers at home not Lays so thought it would be fun to try them again. Verdict; I could have chosen a better flavour.

The SMINT & Gum gum is good stuff man. It’s like chewing ice. I bought like six packs and three have legit gone missing. No one is owning up to taking them and this is not going down well with me ya’ll.

Twix White chocolate is something we probably we have in the UK as a whole. But I am yet to see it in my hometown. Yet to try this.

I think some Arab shops at home sell the Galaxy Flutes. I used to be obsessed with these when they came out. I had them a few hours ago and honestly, I am not keen anymore. In fact, I believe they played a part in why I am feeling crappy right now.

Twix Top is a hard chocolate to explain. We used to get it in the UK but I think it got discontinued. Anyway, it’s twix chocolate spread on a soft short bread type base? Hey you know what else got discontinued? Mars Delight! They need to bring that back.

Time Out is obviously still available at home. I only got this because it’s two fingers as opposed to the one finger ones in the UK. Recession much? Tasted kind of stale… I am slowly but surely coming to the realisation that chocolate does not taste the same outside of the UK.

Again, M &Ms we have at home but I was taken by the packaging which I haven’t seen before. Finally, some extra mints because they were at the tills when I was paying…

Now for the old school;


I should start by saying that this is not a tray of treats, this is a time travel machine that took me back to my childhood. If you grew up in the Arab world you will have come across some of these for sure. Let me know in the comments!

The irony is, all this stuff probably tasted vile, but the memory alone compelled me to get them. I will be giving some as souvenirs and I have a feeling they will go down well.

Not much to say about them other than those infinity glasses sweets? They’re like smarties wannabes. We used to pretend they were medicines as children and swallow them whole with water. Ironically, we then needed actual tummy ache medicine for swallowing sweets.

That haul was fun. Abu Dhabi really is the place to get stuff you can’t access back home just like these HALAL mini marshmellows. I was psyched when I saw them because though we have HALAL mellows at home they are GIANT sized. I looked for mini ones everywhere to no avail. I nearly had them shipped from Canada.


What do you stock up on when you go abroad? ☺



  1. Awww! Those glass candies remind me of times in Oman. We do get most of these now here in India. So my kids aren’t really missing much! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Haha! πŸ˜€
    You should try Lays Forno Black pepper and lemon. πŸ˜›
    By the way TOFFO I have loved it so much! And choki choki! πŸ™„
    I dont know the strawberry one.What is it?
    Oh even I like these marsh mallows very much! Have you tried the flavoured ones? πŸ˜€
    PS what about the Cotton candy in a bucket thing? ^^’
    When I go to Pakistan I must have some Chili Mili! XD And there are other Jellys that I like.Hehe.:roll:

    1. I am trying the lebanese mix Lays as we speak. I prefer Walkers crisps πŸ˜• I cant remember the taste of toffo only that I liked it. I may keep one instead of giving it as a souvenir 😈

  3. haha πŸ™‚ nice collection,Hope you had nice trip and a safe journey back home. I had my stock from India mostly savories n clothes.still to unpack this weekend.

  4. Seeing so many sweets makes me hungry!
    Unfortunately, I don’t stock up on anything when I go abroad because I’ve never been out of my country. I wish I’ll get to visit cool places like Britain and Abu Dhabi someday.

    1. Funny you should say that. I was sitting here wondering when, if ever, I will be able to go to India 😧 hopefully one day both our dreams will be realised 😊

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