Love From Al-Ayn ♡

Here is a poorly roughly editted but hopefully still sickly-sweet, romantic shot. I took both photos and merged them together somehow. For any lovers of authenticity, they really were sat under the moon, I just made it a little better for them. Let me know what you think!



      1. Honestly I don’t know, I’m leaving the planning for my relatives and just enjoying the ride. My needs are simple 😅 I just wanna photograph the Grande mosque at night and wanna buy a copy of Majed; a children’s magazine I obsessed over as a child. Aaaaaand eat my weight in junk- but not gain weight. See? Simple 😅

      2. I think there is a plan to go to some kindda beach. I just hope there is a sunset to be seen coz my swimming game weak 👎😅

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