Spring Room Tour

Because I did Autumn and Winter and I believe in seeing things through! There’s nothing thematically related to spring in this room tour per se, other than the fact that it is actually spring now. I am not really into flowery bedding; I’m more of a quirky bedding kindda gal. So that’s what this is about.


Yes, I actually got bedding with doors. Quirk levels have just hit peak point guys. I don’t know why but this one spoke to me!


One of my all time favourite quotes from the Quraan below. A dear friend gifted me this book for my birthday and customised it with all my favourite things and yes that may or may not be a baby photo of me. Cue Awww’s.


This speech-bubble bedding also spoke to me- pun unintended- and I love the cushion that comes with it. It’s all about the important questions in life. The main one of which is; Is it bed time yet?


I found a mason jar mug! Who is happy for me right now, like seriously? I think this would be best for hot chocolate but the Indian in me wanted some tea- so tea it was.


My obsession with candles has been temporarily replaced by a love of Lush products! Enter; Intergalactic and Frozen- as recommended by a fellow blogger.


Not sure what bath products have to do with a room tour other than; the bath bomb was right there infront of me demanding to be photographed.



  1. The quirky bedding is amazing! Do you mind me asking where one might find something similar? πŸ™‚

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