Abu Dhabi Diaries; Packing

I hate packing. With a passion. I never get anywhere and I almost always forget things I meant to pack. Be that as it may, I feel I am getting better at it.

The first time I flew after a while, I packed like 5 books in my back and not only did my shoulders break but I did not read any of those books.

Silly things like that taught me several lessons;

1. Get to know what you actually need. Don’t just take what you think you will need. I know I only like reading when lying down so taking a book for the plane journey is pointless- I am too uncomfortable to read on there!

2. Clear & see-through pencil cases are a God send. Especially with recent airport secuirty measures. Standing in those lines and emptying all my liquids into a crappy rip-prone bag is a major pain. So prepping everything prior to going to the airport is a great time saver!

3. You know these freebie bags you get with perfumes? They are great for bits and bobs when packing. I use one to throw all my toiletries into to partition them from everything else. That way I don’t lose it all in my suitcase.

4. Little sized creams, perfumes, hair brushes are amazing for traveling. They are annoyingly expensive for their size but if you snag them on offer it means you don’t have to cart a 500ml bottle of lotion with you.

5. I like to use another bag for all my chargers, I have 2 cameras and 1 tablet- that’s alot of tangled mess I could do without. So seperating them makes life easy.

6. Take basic medication with you. Paracetamol can be expensive and a pain to acquire sometimes depending on where you go. I also took a nail cutter due to a nail breakage incident I won’t go into. Suffice it to say the hotel desk were perplexed why I needed one. Plasters are always a good idea too.

Not all the above will go in my carry-on, just my tablet and one of my cameras, the clear pencil case with things I can use to freshen up on my flight and that’s it! The rest will be in my suitcase along with my clothes etc.

I cannot wait to get away for Easter; a much needed break. I will be updating you on my travels. On twitterΒ initially (go follow me for endless photos of food) and on here too eventually.

Here is a, hopefully, visually pleasing photo of what I shall cart off with me to the UAE.




    1. Aw that’s sweet. I’ll be staying at my uncles and he lives on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi I don’t know my way around at all πŸ˜…

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