Faith in Humanity Restored ♡

A quick and hopefully feel-good post before bed-time, guys. I have been attending some evening photography classes as some of you know already and sometimes at college, I use the multifaith room to pray.

Normally, there is a sign telling you which direction to face for prayer, which in Islam we call the Qibla. There was no sign in this particular room though and given that it is a late evening class, I never see anyone to ask them so… on a whim, I left a note (read: essay) asking for one!

Today, I walked in and noticed someone had replied! I have no idea who, and they have no idea who I am either and yet we now share this lovely bond that restores my faith in humanity.

So, I thought I would spread the joy. I hope it put a smile on your face, it certainly has on mine; Alhamdulilah 😊 this is the second time someone has helped me in an act of worship. Random acts of kindness are key, guys.

P.s. I can’t use a compass, before you even ask 😂




  1. That is so sweet! Just when you feel there is too little niceness left in the world, the world turns around and surprises you with something like this 🙂

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