Yes, I took this…


-and yes, it involved cheating. But that’s ok, because if I have learnt anything about photography so far (I am taking a beginner class), it’s that an image goes from the camera, to the computer before ever making it to the public eye.

A little background info; I am obsessed with the moon (in that it is pretty rather than I track it’s every movement and know when to expect it- I don’t) and have constantly dreamt of taking the perfect shot of it.Β It’s not a full moon tonight and my lens wasn’t big enough (is that the right terminology?) to capture the right size so the cheating here involved a little bit of zoom to make it huge.

Otherwise this was all me and I am proud of it a little, because previous attempts went a little something like this;




  1. No,you did not just take this. :O
    This is wowing,seriously! I love the moons so much!
    If the only thing you did was ‘zoom’ when you say cheating. πŸ™„ This is just beyond ahmazing! 😎
    Oh and hey previous attempt was pretty good also. πŸ˜›

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