5 thoughts I have in the bath

TMI? Sorry… also it’s actually 5 (+1) thoughts.

  1. I have had a long hard day. This is totally well earned.
  2. Is it me or did this water get cold in like 9 minutes?
  3. Look at all this water I am wasting. I feel guilty now.
  4. What just touched me under the water?!
  5. If I saw a spider on the wall right now, I could potentially end up in A & E trying to exit the bathroom at record speed.
  6. Wait, why was my day bad again?




  1. Hahaha. This is actually why I don’t do baths! I’m a little too OCD. Although, I never anticipated this side effect of forgetting a hard day. Maybe I should give it a shot. Showers make me brood.

    1. Have you noticed how in the media showers are always used to portray depression, as in person makes mistake, goes under shower to cry, but baths are shown for relaxation, well and you know, suicide. But that’s another story 😨

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