Photography Assignment #3

This week’s assignment had multiple themes; frame, lines and space. It was a bit of a vague theme so I dediced to venture out of town for some spiration. We were allowed to edit our photos  using Lightroom as a one off, which I have decided I should not be allowed on because I don’t really know when to stop! Here are my entries for my next class anyway, let me know your opinion! I think I like the door one the best…





      1. Ooo the EOS 600D? I’ve been obsessing over Canon EOS 700D for a year now. I’m just trying to save some money to buy that one by the end of this year 😀 🙂

      2. P.s. dunno if you checked out assignment # 4 yet but it was interesting would love to know your thoughts if you haven’t seen it

      1. Oh boy. I try hard to resist posting doors because I don’t know when I might stop and sometimes wonder if I’m just “out there” and no one will see what I am seeing (or think I am seeing). Not you got me.

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