5 Fantasies I am (un) ashamed of having…

  1. That one day something I write will get published or go viral- in the good way. Not in the internet shreds you to pieces & finds out where you live kind of way.
  2. That I will win some kind of photography recognition award for my services to photography.
  3. That travel will (inshallah) be a big, enriching & rewarding part of my life.
  4. That I will be financially comfortable & able to spoil my loved ones.
  5. That I will maybe meet “the one” and berate the son of a bitch for making me wait so long!


A gal can dream eh, guys?

P.s. I cuss like a sailor, apologies in advance.



  1. I promise I did not read all the posts to come here (seriously) … but the last one on this got me laughing – thank you πŸ™‚

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