Seven Facts About Me

Because I am interesting. Ok so really- because I got nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by the awesome peaceloveanunity; thank you!

You will have to bear with me folks, I am making the unwise decision of typing this out on my phone because I like a challenge apparently, so I will most likey make errors and forget things etc.

I won’t deprive you of the good stuff much longer, I tried to make them super weird & interesting. Points for effort please 😎

  1. I miss wearing glasses with a passion- I had laser eye surgery so Alhamdulilah vision is fine. Prior to that though, I made the transition from glasses to lenses too soon and thus never experienced funky frames like everyone else. I always played it boring safe. Much sadness, guys.
  2. I prefer cold weather to hot. The fact that people pay money to go places to sweat still baffles me. Serious lack of ACs here during summer time.
  3. If I don’t revisit Istanbul and go to India one day, I may just die a very sad lady. In the meantime, going anywhere would be nice 😩 – hashtag reality sucks.
  4. I sometimes think in Turkish and Urdu / Hindi- thanks to Starplus I no longer know the difference! What makes this distinctive is that my mother tongue is in fact Arabic.
  5. The list of things I have never done is quite bizarre as most people have done them; bowling, ice skating, rope skipping, learning to swim or ride a bike. I grew up as a weird kid who never wanted to do anything because of anxiety. I don’t necessarily want to do any of that stuff now either. But it’s always hard having to explain why I never did. Not everyone gets anxiety.
  6. You could never get me to watch a horror movie (again.) If I want to witness a nightmare I will just tune it to an episode from my life 😂 iJoke.
  7. I prefer being behind the camera coz I love photography as some of you may know. But, I have had this secret fantasy that someone will one day take a really good photo of me that I will love. Because I actually hate 99% of the ones that are taken of me 😔 much picky!

Is it sad that I could have gone on? I probably shouldn’t though for ’tis almost 2:00am 😨! Again, thanks for the nomination peaceloveanunity! I couldn’t possibly work out how to nominate anyone on my phone SO. I nominate anyone reading to give me one (or more!) fact about themselves! Do it!

Don’t be the lazy guys 😑

8. I am a wannabe comedian 😂



  1. Now , You have to visit India .. you are invited ! “thanks to Starplus I no longer know the difference” … Oh , I always regarded Urdu as a better “sounding” language .. Do not tell me it is same as Starplus Hindi..!
    And congratulations

  2. nice to know them.. just laughing out for number 4 starplus dramas and soap series! never ending ..I never did any sports activities was too lazy and didnt enjoy them too in hot sun ! and horror movies are no no for me .

  3. I love the cold too! I can’t even sleep without the fan on and I’m always waiting for winter which only lasts a couple months in Australia, then BAM it’s melting hot again 😦 loved these facts btw I feel like I know you a little more now hehe

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