Nana Speaks; He would have been 75 today

Hello Lovely People….

– who know and have been a fan of Nana Speaks; a series of excerpts from my late Grandfather’s memoirs that he would have loved to publish someday. Today is his birthday and he would have completed 75 years on this earth. Wherever he is, I live in the childlike hope that he knows I am doing this for him and that he is pleased about it. It’s not published Nana, but a handful of people are reading and appreciating your words.

Here is a random selection I picked for your viewing pleasure today;


I have no idea what he eventually saw below but wow, what a way to describe it…

“One of the most wonderful times that annually brings me good memories is when I join others for a sightseeing tour- mainly to see the Christmas lights in some parts of the city centre.  Most of us had gone to town to individually make new year’s resolutions, nearer the end of a previous year.  Some wanted to do some festive shopping and all seemed to be interested in photography-making. Especially, with a new set of video equipment one of them had.

Where Nana says, “with a new set of video equipment one of them had” – I could be mistaken but I think he was referring to me. If he is talking about the same night I have in mind, then it was definitely me with a new video camera! You have no idea how much this gives me goose bumps. He mentions several people by name in his memoirs, I unfortunately I am not one of them but this small reference lifts my spirits somewhat!

If I recall correctly, Nana, being elderly, got cold pretty quickly and asked to go back into the car that night, whilst we were continuing to take pictures. I had no idea what he did for those few minutes in which he was alone in the vehicle. Now I do…

Home late that night, after all was over, I hit the sack pretty quickly. It dawned on me, whilst I was still in the city centre, that being inside the car on my own was a peaceful opportunity for jotting down as many notes as possible for whatever I was trying to leave behind after the end of my lifespan.”

So, there you go, I hope you enjoyed that, if you did, be sure to check out the other instalments of Nana Speaks! And when you are done reading please spare a prayer for a man who will thank you for it one day, I am sure.

May Allah grant him the highest ranks of Jannah – Ameen x



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