5 things I am grateful for this week

All the time really… but “this week” makes for a catchier title. And you know how I get about having snazzy titles, guys! Alhamdulilah for the abundance of blessings in my life! Here are a few that put a smile on my face this week;

  1. Remember that social media fight I wrote about like yonks ago? Well, that person got in touch today in response to a message I left them to clear the air that day (which they missed) and we did just that; we cleared the air and were civil to one another. How refreshing is that?!
  2. I try and say Alhamdulilah (praise be to God) for life’s little joys, frequently. But I think my sincerest Alhamdulilah is uttered when I am in the comfort of my bed after a long, hard day. I am therefore grateful I have a comfortable cocoon to retire to every night!
  3. A little letter/ post card exchage with a friend I made on Blog world; BeingWoke, the mind boggles at your creativity- mashallah!
  4. One week off work starting now! I am so grateful for this! The last six weeks at work have been postivley draining and I NEED this break!
  5. Lush Baths- submerging yourself in hot water is a relaxation technique on it’s own merit- regardless of whether you use products or not. But when you do, it nourishes the psychological part of your brain that doesn’t often get TLC. You will see what I mean with the pic below. This week I am grateful for me time!


What are you grateful for fellow blogger. Tell me 😊 don’t be shy 😀 seriously don’t ignore me 😑

Have a lovely weekend 😆!



  1. I am grateful for my mum, I am grateful for the beautiful nature I can witness every day, I am grateful for Cookies, I am grateful for the invention of turkish lamps ahah and I am grateful for Allah granting me Iman 🙂

  2. This is a lovely post. I’m grateful for a roof over my head, my family and that I’ve been given the chance to study the human body. Alhamdulilah 🙂

  3. I am grateful for so many things but–I won’t be shy–for this post I will choose my fabulous wife She is particularly on my mind today as I leave on a business trip (back to the UAE) and will miss her tremendously… This is in part because we were together in the UAE just two weeks ago, so I am bound to “see” her wherever I go, but it’s mostly because she is my everything. Gratitude is an important thing in life, no matter our station. Thanks for reminding us!
    And, lovely image.

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