Photography Assignment #2; Motion

So, if you follow the drama that is my chaotic life; you will know I recently, for reasons still un-determined, enrolled in a photography class. We get homework at the end of every session. Last week’s theme was; Colour, Lines & Patterns.

Incidentally, feedback from last week was; “good photos” and “wash your bowl, it’s dirty.” This guy is cheeky to the extreme but he is very likeable. He refused to believe that the trinket bowl is from an old market; thus the mark in it is in fact an indentation rather than dirt. The ground photo really bothered him because it wasn’t symmetrical, otherwise it was ok.

This week’s themes were motion and depth of field. Photos were required to be captured using the AV and TV modes on the camera, which determine aperture and shutter speed… I think. I was a little more confident this week, though ‘little’ really is the key word in that phrase. Out of 194 shots, I had to choose 3!

Here are my entries;


Ladies and Gents; meet my beautiful and sporting model. She, rather we, were ABSOLUTELY freezing. The wind was bitterly cold today. We persevered though thanks to timed breaks in the warmth of the car and I truly hope the result was worth it. I personally love this shot. The idea that she was in focus and her background was blurred. I would have preferred if the background was more blurred but I still love it.


I adore this image and simply wish my photography knowledge was good enough to give it more justice. I love how blurred the bus is against the lady. I wish I could have made her more focused. All in all; I think it could have gone much worse. Let’s see what my teacher makes of it.


My favourite thing about this photo is the rain droplets on the grass. But also the proportion of everything in the photo, namely how the blurry car still dwarves the tennis ball.

What does everyone think? Let me know in the comments; you know I LOVE to hear from all!



  1. I like the middle picture best, but they are all good. The statue is really neat and I like the brightness of you sister’s scarf, it is a great contrast against the background. I too would be lost in a photography class, so don’t get discouraged!

      1. No problem πŸ™‚ This is kind of weird but I know that you post your story on your blog and I recently started the same. I would love to hear your feedback ☺️

  2. Wow! I love all the pictures, the ball along side the green grass is just perfect with droplets of water. Look it wasn’t that difficult to please Mr . Grouchy πŸ˜€ , hope he likes these ones! All the Best..

  3. Asalam Alaykum sister. First of all my favorite among the three pictures is the second one. I like how the lady is at the center of that “statue”. Secondly I wanted to ask did your teacher really say to wash your bowl from the picture you have taken for your first assignment? I can’t believe it.

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