The one where a Hindu Lady found this Muslim gal a place to pray!

Boy that was a long title!

Good Morning Folks,

By the time I post this it will be afternoon, but seeing as it is 11:56am as  I type this, and I need a reason to post the following (amazing!) pic that I snapped the other day, you’re getting a good morning whether it’s morning or not. Aaaaaand breathe!


So, something wonderful happened to me the other day that I wanted to blog about, you know to spread the joy, but life gets in the way and I never got around to it. Anyway, let’s get cracking.

If you know me well, you will know I am Muslim and although I am not supremely religious I take my prayers very seriously and schedule my entire day around them if needs be. I was on a work trip the other day and it was time to pray and I was starting to itch because there was not one secluded place in the building that I could go pray in. Clutching at straws, I decided to ask the cleaning staff if there was anywhere I could pray, the answer was basically; nope.

Dejected, I decided that I had tried my hardest and that I would simply have to do my prayer upon reaching home. A few moments later, another member of the cleaning staff came up to me -having been informed of what had happened by her colleague presumably- and said ‘it’s not a room, but you can pray behind this screen if you like, only if you like.’

I thanked this wonderful lady profusely and proceeded to pray. Much later, I pondered this wonderful situation in my mind and realised that it restored my faith in humanity plenty. In a world full of hatred and violence, where the media and those ‘insightful’ politicians claim that certain religions are targeted and hated by others and that it is impossible for people of different faiths to co-exit in harmony… here was this lady proving everyone wrong.

If you are a practical being, you may think; well what’s the big deal? she was being helpful to a customer, that’s her job. Sure, maybe she was, but she wasn’t really obliged to go out of her way to find somewhere then come find me, it wasn’t like I was going to report the staff for not finding me somewhere to pray. She did it because she is a decent person who was trying to help someone else out.

And that is the most important thing here ; that this woman was a wonderful human being. The fact that she was a Hindu is mostly irrelevant (despite the title I used to lure you in) and the only purpose it serves is that it’s a big ‘screw you’ to all the haters that insist that Hindus hate Muslims and vice versa.  She didn’t care what I was, I think she would have helped me if I was a purple elephant in a headscarf in need as well.

And that is the kind of world I want to live in to be honest. The incident made me smile, a lot, all day. I sincerely hope the story is received in the spirit in which I wrote it. I hope it makes you smile, a lot and restores your faith in humanity somewhat.

Thoughts and comments are always welcome. Negativity is not. It’s a happy story, read it be happy and don’t overanalyse it- life is short 🙂



  1. Thanks for sharing some positivity in the world! ❤ Btw, my friend, I was wondering if you could give me some advice? What do you do when there are two prayers quite close together (Asr & Maghrib in winter, for example) and your shift begins before they start, but doesn't end until they're lapsed? Sorry for such a complicated question 😅

    1. How did I not reply to this question! Wallah I can be so ditzy Forgive me. I must have been in a rush. I know it was ages ago lol but still I wanted to reply. I would pray as soon as possible after work if you cannot pray during work as I read that praying BEFORE salah time is not accepted and if you are forced to miss salah the best thing to do is make it up ASAP. And Allah knows best.

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