5 things I miss about Powercuts

Ok, so the title is deceptive. Realistically speaking, there is nothing I miss about powercuts. Light is a gift that should not be taken lightly 😅

These are merely some of the fond memories I have from the times we used to experience powercuts and where I come from, this was (for us, and still is for others) a frequent occurence.

  1. Candles! They used to create a wonderful atmosphere but also, playing with the wax was so theraputic #MessyTherapy It also used to get me a telling off from the mother!
  2. Family Time- Powercuts used to force everyone to gather in one room, when we were eventually reduced to one candle. My father would tell us stories and my mother would play games with us. God, how much we used to laugh.
  3. Shadow Game- What animal can you make with your hands and project onto the wall using the candle light and darkness? Until this day, all I ever managed, was a bird- with the flappiest wings known to man 😂
  4. Hand-held fans- Powercuts & heat are never the best combination and Yemen was one hot country, so lights out often meant we get to use the fans to keep cool. They were made of straw and had a handle- looked a bit like a flag.
  5. Sleeping Outdoors- When the going got tough and the fans were not doing it anymore, we used to take our matresses and go sleep in the terrace! Sleeping under the stars- literally. If I close my eyes, I can almost still feel the cool breeze.




  1. I like the idea of hammocks on the balcony. I tried one at a friend’s house but could imagine myself going over the rail in my sleep or while trying to get out of it. But yes, sleeping on the terrace is lots of fun.

  2. your post brought back a lot of childhood memories, the city I have grown up in India still have powercuts , and those days we had no power backups, we use to study under oil lamps or petromax which was like a small gas cylinder with a bulb lightened by burning of gas but it was further increasing the temperature, sleeping under stars in verandah and roof were best days , we also had those mosquito nets which we fancied as our tents and played under it:)

  3. Reading your post as well as the comments made me think the old times when there was also powercuts here in our place. and yes the mosquito nets, haha…feel like a fish being caught, at least we are safe from mosquito though =D. I thought before we are the only place and people who experienced this kind of situation but we are not alone at all =D Alhamdulillah no more blackout/brownout here (our used term)

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