5 things I want to blog about but can’t…

My blog is 98% anonymous, so theoretically I could write about whatever the hell I want but I still err on the side of caution because I value my sanity. Here’s 5 things I would write about if I cared less about potential consequences.

  1. Family & Friends- I have tons to say on this topic; good, bad & ugly. It’s not worth risking relationships over though. I have known my compliments to be recieved as insults many-a-time before and it really isn’t worth the grief.
  2. The Employment World- There is such a lot to say on this topic. Human behavior in the work place is fascinating. But again, not worth the potential grief.
  3. Religion– let’s just say I don’t feel like being arrested by the haram police anymore. Those guys are the worst.
  4. Mental Health- I don’t know about you, but the pressure to constantly produce light hearted and humorous material is very much present for me. I feel like people would get put off reading ‘morbid’ things like depression etc.
  5. Inspirational Posts- I would LOVE to be able to write something that changes / affects / moves someone’s life / decision / emotion to the better. So many posts have induced change in me and I want to have that kind of influence on someone. I think this stems from having the label ‘negative person’ attached to me my entire life. I don’t think I have it in me yet… maybe one day!

I hope one day to overcome the fear and brave writing about at least one of these subjects. For now though, what is one topic you want to write about but can’t bring yourself to, for whatever reason?




  1. I want to write about how people can be so irritating at times but then I think no it’s better to not do that. Better be positive. And then I want to sometimes blog about how guys can be so stupid. But I have male readers and that post might end up with lots of arguments šŸ˜…

  2. Anonymity is a great thing in the online world, though I can totally relate to wanting to say more but holding back in an attempt to preserve that anonymity..

  3. I had the same thoughts when I didn’t have it public and being anonymous. Then I was like hell I have other social media which explain my life and people like to talk a lot. Tho I say it’ll take a while until you’re ready or maybe never haha. But be open and free and don’t fear the criticism, we give some as well and accept your words and their words as well. (If you can’t tell, I’m trying to tell you to talk about anything and be yourself) love your posts x

  4. I want to talk about marriage more but I am worried people will think I am talking about my personal experiences when I am actually channelling views of various people in my life. I would also like to write on parenting but I also haven’t completely figured that out. Then the people who annoy me esp in the family and friend circle, but I wouldn’t do that.

    1. Ah yes, marriage is an interesting one for sure. That’s one for me too come to think of it šŸ˜… you should totally attempt talking about parenting- might surprise yourself.

  5. Well the one topic I don’t write about (or don’t want to write about) is love/relationships. Other than that my life has been an open book for my readers :3
    And I highly encourage you to write about WHATEVER you want. This is YOUR space. So utilize it the way you want and have fun with it. Stop worrying about what people want to read. Care about what YOU want to write šŸ™‚

  6. I can actually write about the stuff I want to write about without directly mentioning them. And I’m not anonymous. So I’ll write about feelings for example but I won’t include any people or circumstances.

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