5 things I can easily continue to accumulate…

-if no one put a stop to it (my mother!), if I lived in my own place / had the space and if I had the money!

  1. MUGS- I am a sucker for funny / quirky / quotes-filled and unusual mugs. I feel it adds to the drinking experience and everytime I see one I like I HAVE to own it. I got this number as a birthday present. I am more of a tea drinker these days but I love the purple 💜2015-12-31-16.25.01.jpg.jpeg
  2. BOOKS- For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to own a room that had books on every wall. The sight is so pleasing to me. But eventually, things got out of hand and I had to succumb to purchasing a Kindle 📖wpid-picsart_1439336415385.jpg
  3. LETTER WRITING SETS- I have no legitimate explanation for accumalating these other than I love them! I have no one to write letters to buy I cannot resist them 📝picsart_12-31-08.03.35.jpg
  4. NOTEBOOKS- This habit I have had since I was a teenager. I buy notebooks on the premise that I have something to write in them but it is 2016 and 96% of them are all blank! 📚picsart_12-31-03.53.58.jpg
  5. TEA- Mostly Green teas. But without finishing one, I always discover another that I want to try. Recently bought one with packaging that I adore but at almost £5 for 15 teabags it is pretty extortionate! ☕picsart_12-31-03.58.02.jpg

Is there anything that you unintentionally end up hoarding / collecting without neccessarily meaning to? Let me know in the comments!



  1. I hoard books, notebooks and whatever else that falls into the stationary category. My mum gets so mad at me whenever I come home with new books because there isn’t any space in my room left to hide my countless books! Pretty sure I have at least 20 unread books and 10 unused notebooks lying around 🙈 Suggestion: give them as gifts to someone you know will definitely make use of them! I give the notebooks to my cousins who are still in school and the books to my friends who I know love to read. Happy New Year, Tam! May 2016 be the year we start making use of our pretty pretty notebooks xx

  2. Oh I also have the same habbits especially for notebooks, letter sets and books. Thanks for having let a comment on my blog, through it I dicovered yor blog 🙂

  3. Ditto with the books! My wish finally came true when I got married and was able to buy actual bookshelves to house all my books. Prior to that my books all lived in boxes in a cellar at my mum’s!! Lol I love collecting pretty notebooks but it’s a waste because I always stop myself from using them and ‘ruining’ them! Xx

  4. Wow!…I can really relate to your post =D and most of the things that you collect are just the same things that I also collect =D but because I want to become a minimalist, I really try hard to let it go except for teas =D nice post

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