5 reasons why going to the Cinema alone is…

-pretty darn awesome.

I don’t know what your thoughts are on the matter peeps. But, I for one think that if you haven’t tried going to the cinema alone so far in life, there is no time like the present. I have a cousin that reckons it is social suicide 😂 but I do not agree. So, on that note, here are my top 5 reasons why going film watching alone is cool.

  1. You don’t have to put up with; the whisperer, the constant commentator, the predicter, the party pooper, the disbeliever & the refuse to turn their phone off companion. I happen to know a person who embodies all these qualities and honestly- I am not sure how we don’t get thrown out of theatres more often.
  2. Not caring what people whisper about when they see you alone is pretty empowering. Not gonna lie, first time it was embarassing and I was paranoid. Gradually,not only do you not care, you are pleasently surprised at how many people also go alone.
  3. It is cheaper to go alone, and no one to share your snacks with. Also, that last 5% of paranoia in you makes you choose the early shows and they are hands down my favourite. Nothing like a mostly empty theatre.
  4. The whole experience can actually feel pretty peaceful. Like that feeling you get post a massage.
  5. When people cancel plans on you or even don’t feel like watching the same thing you wanna see, you don’t have to miss out, coz you can still go on your own. In fact that is how I started go alone and the rest as they say is history 😅

As usual I shall end with a question, that no one ever seems to answer 😑 but here goes; have you ever been to the movies alone? What are your thoughts on the matter? wpid-picsart_1433618971975.jpg




  1. The first few times I watched a movie alone were pretty terrifying bc I kept on thinking that people were judging me (lol) but after a while I didn’t even care. Huge plus that no one is there to annoy me with their comments and questions!!!

  2. I mostly watch films at the cinema alone so it’s the norm for me. I feel like asking someone to go watch is an imposition. Sometimes, I wait for my friends to watch and recommend or not. After I watch, we talk about it over dinner.

  3. Power to you, girl! I’ve never been to a cinema alone but I guess if I wanted to watch a film that badly, then hell yeah, I’d be up for it! Who cares what people think? One time my friends & I went to an early screening of a Bollywood film and had the entire theatre to ourselves. That was a party because when the songs came on we ran around the cinema dancing and whooping pretending we were in India because there was nobody to see us 😀

  4. I always loved going to the cinema alone, but I completely stopped going (except for a couple of film festival screenings) about a decade ago – when Hollywood got too predictable. I do NOT like food in the cinema though, at least not the smelly crunchy annoying one. In fact, I hate the huge cinema multiplexes. They smell SO bad. Almost like school. I love cinemateques, festivals, small theatres, art houses. I’m glad to hear you love going alone – the after massage comparison is spot on!

  5. hahaha Number 3 is hilarious ! never had such experience.. but yeah I love animation movies so I had to watch them with my lil cousin many times as nobody else agreed to go with me..now he is all grown up..no more little..though I liked him smaller ,he was more cute 😀

  6. Ah see I’m not brave enough to do this at all. I can’t even eat in public alone 😦
    It’s dunno because I don’t generally care what people think of me but having friends – or appearing to have friends I guess – is more important to me than I realised!

    1. I totally get what you mean. I was shaking the first time I went cinema alone 😅 Eating alone is my next target. I can do cafés quite easily but am yet to attempt resturants.

  7. I’ve been to the movies alone several times actually! It’s such an anti-social affair anyway, you might as well go alone. There are some movies that I want to see that my friends don’t, and I wouldn’t want to force them to, so I go to see them alone… Planning to see one this week as well actually. I don’t tell anyone about it though lol… apart from those of my friends who are already aware of my strange habits.

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