5 New Year’s Resolutions that I may or may not keep!

What the title says!

I generally feel that new year’s resolutions can sometimes set you up to fail and that’s never a good start to the year. I do see the appeal of making them, don’t get me wrong; new year- fresh start and all that.

I have never had that much success with them so this list is mainly for the lol’s. Cannot believe I just used that phrase. On that note, let us begin;

  1. Travel somewhere & document the experience. Anywhere! Just get out of town for a breather. I haven’t been anywhere since Jordan and for someone who loves travel as much as I do, this is just sad.
  2. Talk less. I feel like I talk a lot of rubbish lately and I hate that habit on anyone so the possibility of me doing it disturbs me a little.
  3. Not to care what people say anymore, because boy do I let EVERYONE have a say in my life. It stops this year, I hope, inshallah.
  4. Be less addicted to YouTube and the internet in general. I am not harming anyone with this habit per se but the time could be used more wisely.
  5. This one I hate the most but here it goes; get my weight to a point where I never need to go on another diet / weight loss mission ever again in my life.

That’s it. What are your new year’s resolutions? 😆 Don’t ignore me please 😑 Thank you very muchly 😉picsart_12-06-02.44.33.jpg



  1. 1 is always on my list but I always fail to keep at it because I don’t have the time (or money lol), which makes me sad. And yay to 3, that’s on my list for 2016 as well! 5 will probably be the hardest because I’m always munching on something hahaha

    May you stick to your resolutions!

  2. Oh my – I had completely forgotten it’s almost new year. You know in a few weeks time I can say I will be 25 next year :O
    I really need to sit down and have a think about what that means to me – like what I had hoped I would achieve by this point, what I haven’t (and why) and what I’ll do to get there.
    For now, I guess my biggest one is being kinder to my mum. Love her but I know I’m not always so patient – well mainly when I’m going through things myself.

    1. Do you know what. You won’t believe this but I was thinking something along the same lines after publishing that being kinder to mum and family in general. It’s not hard by temper controls me sometimes 😩

  3. Yeah, for me NUmber 4 is neveeerrrrr gonna happen 😛 I YouTube for almost 3 hours everyday! Such a refreshing waste of my time :’)

    And I never make new year resolutions. I know that I’m not gonna follow them and when I realize I’ve failed miserably I feel like such a shitty person inside, so it’s better I don’t even try making a list in the first place 😛

    But I sure do hope you stick to yours ^_^

    Happy Holidays! ❤

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