28 Random Acts of Kindness

Hello Beautiful Person reading this right now. Thank you for taking a moment to stop by- I hope that by the time you are done reading this, you feel a little inspired, if nothing else.

You see, it’s my birthday -no, not the Will.I.am song, the real deal. It’s not today but it is this month. Now, some people celebrate birthdays, others don’t- totally the individual’s call. My family make a fuss for me bless them. I personally don’t do anything per se.

This year however, I decided to perform 28 Random Acts of Kindness for my 28 years on this earth. It’s not an original idea, but it’s one close to the message I wanna spread before I depart this world and that is; Kindness is Key.

Disclaimer about good deeds; I strongly believe that the best good deeds are in fact ones performed in secret and in the least boastful ways. “So, why are you here showing off yours,” I hear you scream at me.

… because no one actually knows the real me on here, so technically credit can’t be attributed to myself, ergo- the whole process can still remain anonymous.

…because it was posts / images like these that introduced & inspired me to do random acts of kindness, so if my post inspires ONE person today- then that is a random act of kindness in its self.

… & finally guys, I have been feeling pretty morbid lately and there is no reasonable explanation for it. Logically, I know that all is well and my life is full of an abundance of blessings to be eternally greatful for, and yet, there is a void inside me that (my bmi insists I don’t fill with food anymore!) just won’t go away- no matter what I do.

Le Sigh, peeps. Pray for me please 😐

So, as well as spread some joy in the hope that it ultimately rubs off on me too, I wanted to ignite your kindness and take you on this journey with me.

Not all these acts involved money as I tried to keep things basic. The majority of these acts are presented to you in the form of suggestions rather than “I did this/ I did that,” so everyone can benefit. Here’s some of the love I attempted to spread;

  1. Teach a child to tie their shoe laces- I cannot believe that I actually managed to impart that particular wisdom, because I do laces in a different way to EVERYONE in the world, it seems. His smile the next day upon tying them independantly was quite priceless. Free!
  2. Tell someone you love them- just because. This can backfire as the person can then get worried that something is the matter with you. Still, it’s the thought that counts😅! Free!screenshot_2015-12-04-12-43-32-1.png
  3. Use your language skills to translate for someone who is in need of your talent. Free & makes you feel clever!
  4. Pay for the drinks of the car behind you at the drive-thru. This is awesome because you then get to drive off before that person has even realised they have been give a freebie!picsart_1450208123245.jpg
  5. Do something for the homeless person you encounter. Spare change is good but buying them food is actually better. If they are genuine, they would never refuse food.
  6. Spread some joy at the office during a dull staff meeting. Get everyone some chocolates that are on offer. This tends to cheer everyone up- bar the dieters! 20151202_231202.png
  7. With my seemingly permenant “Resting Bitch” face, I struggle with this one. But try it anyway! Smile at someone; like genuiely. Ask how their day went without formulating a reply as they tell you. Just LISTEN.
  8. Save the world from trolley trolls; those lovely people that think it is ok to ditch their trolley in a parking spot. Be a love and wheel it back to where it belongs.wpid-picsart_11-14-12.18.29.jpg
  9. We buy and hoard tons of crap that we never wind up using. If it is not expired, still useable and simply collecting dust; give it to someone who can benefit from it.
  10. Go to that event you got invited to but you really don’t want to attend. Take a gift with you. Sure, you have had a long day and you just want to relax. But your host will appreciate it and it is the decent thing to do. And hello? Free food.picsart_1450207560158.jpg
  11. Going back to no. 9; you know these trinkets you get as wedding favours that you are too old to play with and have had on your desk for 3 years? Be cute when you leave them for someone to find ;)!picsart_1446640638211.jpg
  12. Write someone a letter, with pen and paper. If you are brave; write it to a stranger and leave it in a public place for them to find. If you are creeped out by such antics, write to someone who actually wants to recieve letters. Find them on the More Love Letters website.
  13. Get someone flowers. If you broke, do what I did! I took the bunch already in my vase, refreshed them by binning the dead stems, transferred them into a smaller vase (originally a TANG jar!) and added some ribbon. My person appreciated them and couldn’t believe they came from a dying bunch! Free, and gets the creative / cheapo juices flowing.IMG_9044
  14. Give spare change away immediately upon recieving it. If you know it will only end up in one of the many nooks and cranies in your car- give it away. Many drive-thrus have a ‘thing’ under the window you can deposit this change into.
  15. You know those ATMs that charge you to withdraw your own money, like that is legit behaviour? 👿 I hate those and only use them if I am absolutely desperate. I once, for the hell of it, put the money the ATM was charging in an envelope and taped it to the machine for someone to find. Just becausepicsart_1450033636710.jpg
  16. Visting someone in hospital can be a very distressing process. Pay for someone’s parking if you can. Alternatively, if your ticket is still valid, give it to someone else as you are leaving.
  17. Surprise someone with ice-cream when you hear the ice-cream van. If it is for a child, you get bonus points!wpid-picsart_10-24-06.14.12.jpg
  18. Point out the parking space you are about to vacate to that poor frustrated car going round and round desperately looking for a spot. I know that I for one turn into a blind bat when looking for parking!
  19. Offer someone your umberella / coat in that torrential rain they have to walk in, obviously only if you are not using them 😅!snapchat-3613386645097166143-1.jpg
  20. You know that person with the depressing statuses? Ask them if they are ok. That status is often a cry for some attention and that is never a crime, we’ve ALL been there. Better yet, be subtle and just have a nice chat with them.
  21. If you are almost done with your coffee in a busy café as someone comes in (clearly) looking for an empty seat, speed it up and give them your table.picsart_11-11-10.05.39.jpg
  22. If you are 100% sure you won’t offend anyone- offer someone in need your seat on whatever mode of transportation you are on- except planes obviously, you would be standing for a long time!
  23. Accompany someone on their evening walk to keep them company or just to walk in silence together. Both work equally well.picsart_12-15-08.23.07.jpg
  24. Give someone a lift especially if they were about to get a taxi. Save them money and do a good deed!
  25. Be kind in traffic. We are all pissed off, let someone cut through if it is safe to do so. One day you will need someone to let you through!picsart_12-15-08.18.06.jpg
  26. Someone sick? Put together a care package for them; tissues, pain killers, orange juice, cough sweets- the works!
  27. Pick up lunch for someome that would have gone hungry without.
  28. Save yourself the calories and make someone’s day by leaving them a chocolate bar somewhere to find 🙂picsart_1445427565927.jpg

Honestly, giving back is such an enriching experience and just an overall good habit to have.

I hope you enjoyed this post (that took me a long time to put together!) And that it was hopefully recieved in the spirit in which I tried to write it.

Which random act of kindness would you have loved to be a recipient of? Let me know in the comments 🙂



  1. Happy Birthday!!! I must say I have missed you after being a while away from my blog, it’s nice to see you again. Also, You are a terribly kind person. This is some amazing things that you did. It definitely inspired me! ~Poppie Tee

  2. These are lovely gestures- God bless you!

    Another one for this time of year- while out shopping, either take the item of clothing you tried on in the fitting rooms and no longer want back to the spot you found it, and/or pick up an article of clothing dropped on the floor in a shop. Both will save the very busy (and tired!) retail assistants having to do this.

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