Baby it’s Cold Outside; Winter Room Tour

… because I am nosey and love to see people’s rooms, I figured there might be some weirdos with this habit on blog world too, so I am here to feed your nosey habits. Also, did this last month- an Autumnal Room Tour that people seemed to love so thought I would do another to celebrate the arrival of my second favourite season; Winter!


Can we take a moment to talk about this cute sleepy owl fitted sheet, please? Didn’t burn my wallet either. I love when things don’t break the old budget.


Some crucial winter essentials that I cannot do without. My foxy hot water bottle and thermal socks- that I need to replace you know, they ain’t keeping me warm enough at the moment, brrr! The eye mask and teddy are my sister’s, they just added to the cuteness that is this photo…♥


Ok, so this teddy is actually mine *blush* – a gift from my Mama years ago now, I love it to bits. Behind it is the main attraction of this photo, the softest throw there ever was with scattered snow flakes. Primani if anyone is interested.


Upgraded my fairy lights to these peach lace ones that are adorable. Also, from Primani, also if anyone’s interested, £8 I believe and battery operated.


Ah, the candle that inspired the title of this post. I love it! It smells kindda good too- just a fresh scent. I wanted to get some Gingerbread candles or Maple and Cinnamon ones that sounded like they will smell amazing, but they just smelt damp.


The smallest candle on here is Pineapple and Ginger scent, which I know sounds odd but I swear it smells incredible which I did not expect from such an unusual combination. Below the candles is another throw with a tartan print, not as soft as my snow flake throw but one of the cheapest items on this winter haul!


Last but not least this old owl bedding from last year that I worked, or tried to work all these new accessories around instead of just buying new bedding. Amazing how a throw and some cushions can breath new life into some old bedding!


Have a great winter everyone, snuggle up with those blankets and fill up on hot chocolate! Hope you enjoyed this Winter edition room tour, if you did let me know in the comments, I always love to hear from you. See you in Spring, or you know, the next time I splurge on some bedding!



  1. love it Girl! Want to hug your Teddy and jump into the bed straight ,after seeing it from office 😦 with such sad weather .It didnt stop raining from sunday here in Brussels !! but that reminds me of new things I bought for my living room for winter and some covers I changed already 😀

  2. why o why can’t we have those seasons here in the Ph?..keep warm though sister…the teddy is so cute and d bed feels so comfy =D

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