5 ‘Westernised’ Girl Assumptions

-that are made about you if you;

  1. Are an Asian / Arab girl who was born in your homeland but eventually moved to the west.
  2. Are an Asian / Arab girl who was born and raised in the west.

Usual offenders;

  1. The friggin’aunties man!
  2. Distant family members.
  3. Pretty much everyone back home.


  1. That you don’t speak your mother tongue…
  2. That you can’t cook (ok, so this one is true in my case but I am protesting on behalf all my chiqas that CAN in fact cook!)
  3. That you prefer jeans over traditional attire.
  4. That you eat all your meals with a knife and fork now and are too “good to sit” on the floor and eat with them.
  5. That your accent sounds ‘too posh’, one of my cousins actually dubs me ‘the radio!’

I am sure there are many more. I think eating on news paper on the floor is a lost art you know, sure your legs hate you for it after 30 minutes but man is it fun!




  1. Ooooh yumm that photo in the end had me drooling!!! Send some over here to yo girl at down under!!

    And this post : I so relate. Eating on floor on newpapers haha I thought it was just my fam with the newspapers!!

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